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Fog / Edge Analytics platform


The IoT Core combines fog / edge computing mechanisms with real-time stream analytics, complex event processing (CEP) and machine learning (ML) with which a wide range of time and business-critical industrial IoT applications can be implemented.

By providing advanced M2M connectivity, including the latest Low-Power-Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) such as LoRa and NB-IoT and deterministic time-synchronous industrial communication networks such as Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN), we use edge intelligence for both intelligent cities also brought Industry 4.0 and Smart Grid environments. Industrial IoT standards, M2M protocols and APIs (OPC UA, OneM2M) are provided for seamless integration and interoperability. Time-critical stream analytics are supported by the latest CEP, ML and video analytics modules that can be operated on COTS fog / edge and cloud hardware infrastructures. Stream analysis algorithms (CEP, classification and regression models, decision trees, clustering, statistical analysis) and video analysis functions (object, motion detection, tracking, counting & diagnosis, 3D video analysis) enable a wide range of use cases.

- Industry 4.0: condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, digital shadow / virtual twin.

- Smart City: Public surveillance and security through intelligent, fog-based video analysis for autonomous security and defense measures in compliance with data protection and privacy regulations

The IoT Core is provided as a module of the OpenIoTFog Industry 4.0 Toolkit (www.openiotfog.org).