Change your outfits with your moods

Fashion: clothing is a mirror of the soul

The little black dress or the pants suit? The choice of clothing reveals a lot about our state of mind. (Photo: archive)The same drama in front of the wardrobe every morning: what am I wearing? We all want to look good. Our clothes have a say in this. Because whether we like it or not: our clothes tell a story. About us, our mood, our feelings. Everyone can recognize the mood of the person opposite by the clothing if they correctly interpret the unconscious signals of the wearer. The clothes communicate with others. But if we lack the necessary sense of proportion for our figure, it can be embarrassing. Not all new trends that hit stores are made for us. With our figure and color type advisor, you can find out what really suits you:

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Clothes tell secrets

Whether the short mini or the high-necked turtleneck - everything has an effect. What we randomly grab from the wardrobe in the morning while half asleep can have a lasting effect on our day. Some try to reinvent themselves every day, others pull out what is convenient and practical. We subconsciously choose items of clothing that show how we look. So it's a sign when we go for the old tattered jeans or the tie-dye T-shirt. And it reveals more about the world of emotions than we would often like.

wish and reality

When choosing, one thing should dominate: the fun of the clothes. Admittedly, it can sometimes go by when you leaf through the latest fashion magazines. Is fashion still fun today or is it dictated by others? Is a fashion victim someone who does not represent their own opinion or a clear line because they let themselves be dressed by others? Or is a notorious black wearer a woman sparkling with self-confidence who defends her own style, no matter what the fashion magazines suggest? Despite all trends, individual taste is the measure of all things. Because: What we like is fun and when we have fun, we also radiate it through our clothes.

What the clothes reveal

The brand of the skirt, the topicality of the trouser shape or the quality of the shoes - our counterpart unconsciously absorbs everything. The current fashion is mostly a trend that is fast moving and often overlooked. What we make of it is what gives us an appearance: our own style. A fine line in the current jungle of vanities. Because usually only seconds decide about sympathy and antipathy. Whether in daily dealings with colleagues or when picking up bread from the bakery around the corner: We communicate everywhere, even when we are not talking.

The whims of my jeans

The search for the right clothing occupies us every day. We like to rely on what we know. For example: Jeans and T-shirts are sporty, comfortable and practical. The station wagon has proven itself and you feel good. This outfit gives us security. But isn't there a little fear of risk and loss involved? You show the courage to take risks when you dare to try an unusual combination, such as a cloth dress and leather jacket. This play with contradictions and contrasts creates tension and curiosity, but also shows the fear of being determined and dependent.

High heels show fickleness

In the evening, women also like to opt for the little black dress. They want to appear sensual and feminine. That the viewer can also perceive it as self-centered, surely does not occur to them as much. Women also like to wear high heels with this reliable evening gown. They are considered glamorous. The wearer looks confident. She seems to be above others, but at the same time she can be perceived as fickle and arrogant, or as a woman with whom men have an easy time of it.

Simply elegant

If we opt for clear shapes, dark colors and no frills when it comes to clothing, we identify ourselves as determined and well organized. We know what we want. Such an outfit can also easily signal rigor and straightforwardness - positive in the professional world, rather difficult in private. Because the simple style can quickly be understood as a fear of loss of control and weakness. A simple short dress, on the other hand, shows that the wearer has an eye for the essentials. It also demonstrates self-confidence.

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