What are the famous gardens in Mexico


History and meaning.

Xochimilco is located 25 km south of the center of Mexico City and is world famous for its ecological park.
The so-called "floating gardens of Xochimilco" attract millions of tourists and locals every year. This 150 km long ecological park has also been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1987.
The floating gardens consist of man-made canals and mud islands that were created on rafts in Lake Texoco. The roots of these islands spread to the bottom of the lake and were used for land reclamation.

Originally, the siltation made possible in this way was used to create new cultivation areas for agriculture. Nowadays the place is known as a recreational and tourist center. Xochimilco is also known for the colorful excursion boats (trajineras) and the famous flower market.

How do I get there?

Xochimilco is approximately 23 km from the Zocalo and the journey by public transport takes between 60 and 90 minutes.
To do this, you have to take line 2 of the blue subway to TaxqueƱa and from there take the tren ligero train to Xochimilco.
Otherwise, it is advisable to take a taxi, or to find out more at a local travel agency or tourist information office.


A special highlight is the annual Xochimilco Festival. two weeks before Easter. At this festival, the original gods are honored and celebrated with beautiful flower parades along the canals.

Videos from Xochimilco: