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The best films of 2020: these were the highlights in the cinema!

We at FILMSTARTS.de love cinema and even if more and more people use Netflix, Amazon, joyn, Disney + or one of the many other streaming services, the big screen is still the place where we prefer to watch films. We won't let Corona ruin that!

That's why we have our big special in 2020 with the best films that could actually be admired on the big screen - albeit unfortunately only for a short time due to a total of two longer cinema closings.

Of course, all imaginable genres appear in our special. You will find new action highlights, super-funny comedies, moving dramas or immersion in large fantasy worlds. We have discovered blockbusters like Christopher Nolan's “Tenet”, but also one or two indie pearls, after a film like “Burning”, for example, got our top rating in 2019.

The best movies on Netflix 2020: lists for all genres

After it was already established in 2020 that for the first time in five years there would be no new "Star Wars" movie in theaters, there was now also no MCU film for the first time in a decade - in the year after the great successful "Avengers: Endgame". "Black Widow" and "Eternals" have been postponed to 2021 due to Corona, but should at least continue to come to the cinema and not end up at Disney + like other works.

In any case, some films are not on the list, even though we were expecting them at the beginning of the year. But Daniel Craig's last appearance as James Bond in “No Time to Die” had to be postponed to 2021, as did Edgar Wright's “Last Night In Soho”.

What about the highlights from Netflix and Co.?

2020 will go down in history as the year in which perhaps for the first time more highlights celebrated their premiere on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + and Co. than in the cinema. With David Fincher's “Mank” and “The Black Diamond” with Adam Sandler, two Netflix launches exclusive to Germany even got 5 stars from us - which is not a swan song for the cinema either. After all, “Mank” was supposed to be on the big screen before the Netflix launch. And “The Black Diamond” is even a cinema production that was only outsourced to Netflix outside of the US.

But these films also have their place with us - this year even in a special form. Because in addition to this traditional cinema best list, for which the rating in the official FILMSTARTS review is decisive, there will be a large voting for the best films and series from 2020. And we are doing this for the first time together with our colleagues from Moviepilot.de, with which two of the largest film editorial offices in Germany have created two ultimate best lists.

A ranking with all the information

But first of all, it's about our traditional cinema list. As every year, the official FILMSTARTS review decides on the ranking. If the rating was equal, the entire editorial team decided on the placement.

The directly integrated trailers, a reference to directors and the two most important actors and the genre will help you with the further classification next to our model that has been tried and tested in previous years: You will briefly learn something about the content and the reference to why the cinema visit is worth it.

We have also taken your feedback from last year to heart and are now presenting you the entire list in a multi-page special at once and no longer in bits and pieces in several articles on different days.

Have fun with our extensive list, which starts here on the first page with places 30 to 26. On the following pages you will find five more films - up to two cinema masterpieces in the top two places and many other top-class films in the other ranks.

The best films 2020 - No. 30: "The Richard Jewell Case"

Theatrical release: "The Richard Jewell Case" started on June 25th!

Director:Clint Eastwood

Actor:Paul Walter Hauser, Jon Hamm

Genre: drama

»" The Richard Jewell Case "on Amazon Prime Video *

That's what it's about: Richard Jewell finds a bomb around the 1996 Olympic Games - and is first celebrated as a hero. But then some of the media and the FBI begin to doubt: Did he put the bomb there himself?

That's why the film is worth it: Clint Eastwood turns 90 - but the Hollywood veteran is far from thinking about quitting. The four-time Oscar winner appears less and less in front of the camera, but nobody gets behind him so quickly. Because there are still many true stories that need to be prepared for the cinema! And after the great “Sully” (2016), “The Richard Jewell Case” is the next proof that Eastwood can still do it in old age. The result is a far from typical David versus Goliath story that reveals many uncomfortable truths about our time.

The Richard Jewell Case Trailer DF

The best films of 2020: The trailer for "The Richard Jewell Case"

The best films of 2020: The FILMSTARTS review of "The Richard Jewell Case"

The best films 2020 - 29th place: "Romy's Salon"

Theatrical release: “Romy's Salon” started on January 30th!

Director:Mischa Kamp

Actresses:Vita Heijmen, Beppie Melissa

Genre: drama

»" Romy's Salon "on Amazon Prime Video *

That's what it's about: Ten-year-old Romy (Vita Heijmen) always has to go to her grandma Stine's (Beppie Melissen) hairdressing salon after school. After initial skepticism on both sides, the granddaughter and grandmother soon get along very well. But Stine has Alzheimer's ...

That's why the film is worth it: The German-Dutch “Romy's Salon” is much better than Til Schweiger's thematically similar “Honey in the Head”! The tear gland is not cramped, like in the sugar-drenched German tragic comedy, nor are gags built in that do not fit the rest of the film. The topic of "dementia" is treated respectfully and calmly, but still lively. In addition, Vita Heijmen as granddaughter Romy and Beppie Melissen as grandma Stine are a great, personable duo.

The best films of 2020: The trailer for "Romy's Salon"

The best films of 2020: The FILMSTARTS review of "Romy's Salon"

The best films 2020 - 28th place: "The foreplay"

Theatrical release: “The foreplay” started on January 23rd!

Director:Ina Weisse

Performers:Nina Hoss, Simon Abkarian

Genre: drama

»" The foreplay "on Amazon Prime Video *

That's what it's about: When a violin teacher takes on a new student, she gets more and more involved in the lessons, which soon threatens to destroy not only her professional career, but also her private life ...

That's why the film is worth it: The German answer to “Whiplash”, just not from the perspective of the student, but from that of the teacher. The result is a strong mix of character study, family drama and psychological thriller - and of course once again a great Nina Hoss show. With this highly neurotic antihero, the question arises from scene to scene, who will be the first to collapse under the pressure and bring about the catastrophe towards which everything obviously has to be headed: the student or the teacher? Nasty humor, psychological finesse, fantastic acting - a frighteningly good film.

The best films of 2020: The trailer for "Foreplay"

The best films of 2020: The FILMSTARTS review of "Das Vorspiel"

The best films 2020 - No. 27: "La Gomera"

Theatrical release: “La Gomera” started on February 13th!

Director:Corneliu Porumboiu

Performers:Vlad Ivanov, Catrinel Marlon

Genre: thriller

»" La Gomera "on Amazon Prime Video *

That's what it's about: A corrupt police officer has to learn a secret whistling language in order to track down 30 million euros in black money.

That's why the film is worth it: Self-deprecating references to film history are only a small part of the wild trip that celebrated director Corneliu Porumboiu gives us in his arthouse version of "Ocean’s Eleven". The result is as stylish as it is absolutely worth seeing.

The best films of 2020: The trailer for "La Gomera"

The best films of 2020: The FILMSTARTS review of "La Gomera"

The best films 2020 - Place 26: "Zombi Child"

Theatrical release: "Zombi Child" started on October 8th!

Director:Bertrand Bonello

Actresses:Louise Labeque, Wislanda Louimat

Genre: Horror drama

That's what it's about: At a French elite boarding school, one of the students is very fascinated by her classmate from Haiti, whose aunt still practices the traditional voodoo rituals from her home country ...

That's why the film is worth it: “Zombi Child” is a lot, but least of all a typical zombie film! Director Bertrand Bonello takes the origins of the myth absolutely seriously, in a parallel storyline we even see the story of Clairvius Narcisse, one of the most famous "real" zombies, but he mainly uses it to talk about elites: To have in Haiti the plantation operators sprinkled the myth of the zombies in order to scare their slaves and workers, in the French elites, however, the voodoo is rather romanticized and there to bring the past summer love to blaze again. So no horror or even genre cinema in the true sense of the word, but instead an associative preoccupation with stimulating questions that range from French colonialism to first love.

The best films of 2020: The trailer for "Zombi Child"

The best films of 2020: The FILMSTARTS review for "Zombi Child"

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