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Red license plates: which vehicles are they intended for?

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Who can apply for a red license plate?

Red license plates are necessary if vehicles that are not registered are to be transported. Only commercial sellers, such as B. car dealers or owners of car workshops are allowed to use a red license plate. Sometimes this is also referred to as a red “permanent license plate”, because it is not vehicle-specific, but can be used again and again.

Can private individuals also use a red license plate?

Since May 1, 1998, only traders are normally allowed to use red license plates. Private individuals who are planning test drives or transfer journeys, for example, must apply for a short-term license plate. This is valid for a maximum of five days.

What can red license plates cost?

Depending on which registration office is responsible for you, the cost of red license plates may vary. For the examination of the admission between 25 and 250 euros can be charged. The license plate itself costs between 10 and 20 euros. You have to calculate approx. 191 euros per year for the vehicle tax, for motorcycles it is approx. 46 euros.

What does a red license plate look like?

The Dimensions and structure of the shield are basically identical to any other license plate. Red license plates are just as big, have the same font and otherwise comply with the requirements of Vehicle registration regulation (FZV). Here, too, there is the blue EU field on the modern signs, the abbreviation for the respective city or district and the identification number that is necessary to identify the vehicle.

What sets this sign apart from others is that Red color. All Letters and numbers are just like that Outline in redheld and show from afar that this is not the conventional black and white license plate.

The Identification number begins always with red license plates with these numbers:

  • 05: This number is reserved for technical test centers.
  • 06: The 06 is the most common number used by car dealers.
  • 07: Oldtimers may carry these numbers in conjunction with the characteristic "H".

Red license plates can look like this:

Red markings: What requirements must be met?

Section 16 (2) of the Vehicle Registration Ordinance (FZV) clearly defines who is entitled to apply for a red license plate. These include the Manufacturers, parts manufacturers and dealers of motor vehicles, but also the workshops. These are the groups that have to do with many vehicles for professional reasons, not all of which are permitted.

Without an official license plate However, the vehicles are allowed not on the streetso that test drives would not be possible either. Here can red license plate Remedy the situation by giving it to those affected saves a lot of effort and costs. Whoever has a red license plate can do it for any number of cars so that each individual label does not have to be approved.
To be very clear, there are red license plates only for tradespeople an option which, among other things, must also prove that it is part of a job who have anything to do with motor vehicles and that they Need for these special marks to have. In addition, they must prove reliable to be, d. H. no tax debts and no previous convictions or points in the register of fitness to drive.

Around apply for red license plates, required by the competent licensing authority the following documents from you:

  • Identity card or passport with current registration certificate
  • confirmation of the Business registration
  • Justification of the need for a red license plate
  • excerpt from the Fitness to drive register
  • criminal record the police
  • Clearance Certificate (Taxes)
  • Information and confirmation over existing Car insurance
  • Direct debit authorization for vehicle tax
  • Completed Request

Can red license plates be used privately?

No, because since May 1, 1998 are usually only allowed Traders register and use a red license plate. Who as Private citizen Planning test drives or transfer trips must be a Temporary license plate request that a maximum of five days is valid.

Since many drivers are not aware of this or shy away from the extra effort, they often wonder whether it is possible to borrow red license plate. Do you want to borrow red license plates from a friend of yours, goes out automatically the Insurance coverage of the vehicle, as a private drive is not one of the approved uses. And the Driving without insurance is punishable.

Private individuals it is only allowed one red license plate to lead if the associated car is one or more Antique car acts. In contrast to the H mark - not to be used for everyday journeys, but for the Drive to classic car events and exhibitions, it can be used.

Red license plates: what do you have to consider?

There are a few restrictionsthat you need to keep in mind when you sign up for one red license plate acquire. For one, you are required to be one Vehicle registration booklet respectively. Are in it all tripsthat were undertaken with the mark, stating the Time and place recorded. The records must clearly show which vehicle was used (type, model, chassis number) and who the driver was.

With the management of a vehicle registration booklet, the improper use counteracting the label and ensuring that the red number is only used for the intended purposes.

For red license plate are only following trips allowed:

  • Test drives
  • Transfer trips
  • Workshop trips
  • Exam drives

Red license plates: what are the costs?

Whether black or red license plate, First of all, they all cost money. Most dealers are still interested in receiving a red license plate for their vehicles upon allocation. Because this is still the case cheaper as the alternative of having to register each vehicle individually.

The examWhether or not you are entitled to a red license plate costs money between 25 and 250 euros. To be added 10 to 20 euros for the license plate. The fees charged by the authorities can vary considerably depending on the state and the workload. Anyone interested in a red sign can contact the Admission Office inquire about how much money he has to budget.

In addition, the person concerned incurs additional costs as a result of the Shape and of course a red license plate needs one too insurance. It is up to you whether you take out partial, fully comprehensive or liability insurance. All these expenses were incurred without the red license plate but of course also and in an even higher form.

Another Discount are available for red license plates at the Road tax. Here owners of Motorcycles only a flat rate of 46 euroswhile the price for everyone else Vehicles to 191 euros amounts to.

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Red license plates: which vehicles are they intended for?
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