What causes herpes on my thighs

Symptoms of Herpes

The clinical picture after the first infection (primary infection) with the virus differs from the clinical picture after reactivation of the virus. The incubation period, i.e. H. the period between infection and the appearance of symptoms is usually between 3 and 7 days for both virus types, but can also be shorter or significantly longer (up to 3 weeks).

HSV1 cold sores

The primary infection usually proceeds without strong external signs. The typical vesicles appear on the lips or in other places on the face.

A recurrence of the disease (Relapse) is first noticeable through a feeling of tension in the skin, itching and burning. In the following hours or a few days, painful blisters filled with clear liquid form on the lips or other parts of the face. The liquid contains herpes viruses and is therefore infectious. After a few days to 2 weeks, the blisters will heal. The vesicles dry out and a crust forms, which ends up falling off.

HSV2 genital herpes

The Primary infection with genital herpes often proceeds with severe discomfort. The immune system reacts very strongly to the unknown virus type, especially if the person concerned has not already had cold sores. Within a few hours to days, the affected genitals swell and vesicles form over larger areas of the genital area and the adjacent skin. If transmitted through anal or oral intercourse, the rectum or throat can be affected. The respective areas burn and pain, the lymph nodes in the groin often swell and are painful. People who have never had a cold sore before may also experience general symptoms such as fever, headache, muscle pain and back pain. The vesicles can persist for up to 3 weeks.

A recurrence of genital herpes is usually much less severe. Even before the vesicles become visible, pain occurs in the affected areas. Here then numerous, grouped arranged bubbles form. The skin or mucous membrane is red and swollen; the affected area may be very painful or burning. General symptoms such as fever or headache are less common with a relapse than with the primary infection. Other symptoms include painful urination, glassy discharge, and painful intercourse.