Why does Milan have no skyscrapers

American blogger Tim De Chant has serious doubts about this. Under the heading “Can we please stop painting trees on the roofs of skyscrapers?” He writes: “There are a lot of scientific reasons why skyscrapers don't have trees and maybe never will”. Especially not on the top floors - there it is extremely difficult for trees to survive. Up there it is cold, hot, windy and rain, snow and barley whipped at high speed.

If trees survive in the heights, it is only with expensive and regular care. They also need to be deeply rooted - which is why vertical forests require more concrete and steel than normal high-rises, De Chant believes. He concludes: “In reality, trees on high-rise buildings are anything but sustainable. That wastes a lot of CO2, maybe more than the trees can absorb during their lifetime, ”he writes in his post.

In a second article he also leads economic reasons speaking against a vertical forest. The Bosco Verticale costs around 85 million dollars - five percent of that goes for reforestation, calculates the architect in charge Stefano Boeri, i.e. 4.25 million dollars. According to De Chant, this means that 860 hectares of urban forest can be reforested, i.e. 860 times more area than in the Bosco Verticale. This does not even include the significantly expensive maintenance costs.

Architect Stefano Boeri doesn't seem to be impressed. He regularly publishes new photos on his blog that document the progress of the construction site.