TVF promotes new talent


Talent promotion program by nordmedia and the Lower Saxony film and media office

nordmedia supports young talent projects as part of a separate program: in promoting talent "mediatalents" audiovisual projects of young talents are funded. Most of these are to be implemented in Lower Saxony. The promotion of young talent is aimed at film and media professionals who have not yet realized more than three longer film projects. The aim of the program is to discover new talents, promote them and give them start-up support. The projects will be selected by an independent jury consisting of Linda Meier-Matern (Bildön Filmproduktion), Tim Schäfer (cineteam Hannover GmbH), Claudia Wenzel (up-and coming International Film Festival), Bernd Wolter (film and media office) from 2020 Lower Saxony) and Katrin Burchard (nordmedia).

All information about the new program can be found in the leaflet talent development program (Downloads).

- Depending on the type of funding, authors and producers who work with authors or primarily individuals and companies (start-ups, small and medium-sized companies, associations, other organizations) who have their main residence or company headquarters in Lower Saxony can submit entries.

- A list of the documents to be submitted can be found in the downloads section, depending on the funding area.

- The development of Treatments for longer film projects of all genres with up to 2,500 euros, the Production of audiovisual productions in the areas of film, TV, web and multimedia (cross-media and trans-media narrative forms) with up to 15,000 euros at a maximum production cost of up to 40,000 euros as well as participation in Qualification measures in the media sector and the use of consulting services, e.g. coaching in the amount of up to 2,500 euros.

- In principle, we recommend a consultation with the contact person opposite before submitting an application.

- The funding is granted as a grant.

- When submitting an application, examination costs must be calculated and applied for. You can find the examination costs in the information sheet on the talent development program.

- There are three Submission deadlines in the year. The award committee decides on the funding recommendations of the selection committee.

- Applications for talent promotion can only be made via thenordmedia application portalbe asked. To submit an application for the Talent promotion program "mediatalents" can be found in the program selection of the application portal, please select either "Script and story development" or "Production" or "Qualification" in the respective higher-level programs in the program management area and then in the "Project data" area by clicking on a checkbox the " Talent Promotion ". Possibly. A sub-category can also be selected (treatment promotion, qualification and advice / talent promotion).

Below you will find all the important information on how to apply. You will find further helpful tools in the funding process.