There is PCP in ecstasy

Slang dictionary - E.

term ExplanationEcstacy / Ecstasy Designer drug with amphetamine structure and entactogenic, i.e. the deep psychological effect Eggs LSD trips eighty-four (84) Turkish honey: Heroin in powder form, gray-brown to white, up to 90% pure eighty-one (81) Morphine base; brown powdered substance, intermediate in the manufacture of heroin eighty-two (82) Heroin base - intermediate product in the conversion of morphine base into heroin, gray or cream-colored powder eighty-three (83) Hong Kong Rocks: Heroin in crystalline form, purity 30-60% one amphetamine ice Mixture of heroin and crack that is smoked Corners / edge (s) hashish ecstasy a drug similar to LSD electric strong punch with LSD electric butter Marijuana tanned in heroin elephant Heroin; LSD paper trip; PCP; Ecstasy tablet embossed with an elephant elephant tranquilizer PCP elevator Stimulants eleven cocaine EM one Ephedrine Energetica stimulant drugs and psychotropic drugs Angel dust Phencyclidine (PCP) Epena hallucinogenic powder from the bark of the epene tree Ephis Ephedrine Esrar cannabis ET Ergotamine, starting substance for the LSD synthesis Eva / Eve Ecstasy tablet every mother's blood Cocktail made from various hallucinogens, strong, with long-term effects E-Werk Drug laboratory exocis Ecstasy (MDMA) experiment LSD trip eye openers Amphetamines