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8 free tools to work and collaborate online from home

Thanks to its flexibility, Remote Work is a convenient setup. In the absence of go-to systems, online collaboration with clients and teams can quickly become complicated and stressful for everyone involved.

To avoid such a scenario in your home work, You need a reliable workflow. The MacBook Survival Guide for Remote Workers The MacBook Survival Guide for Remote Workers. You can't imagine doing your job without your Mac, but you may not be running at maximum efficiency. Continue reading and a set of free, basic toolslike the ones we've listed below. These tools have the right capabilities a remote worker (you!) Needs to work together easily and efficiently.

A time zone converter

It's difficult to keep track of time zones for scheduling calls and meetings at times that are convenient for everyone on the team. Have a time zone converter ready to visualize time zones and identify the ideal times to get in touch with your teammates or customers. Try each time zone. It's a web based app that keeps math time zone simple and beautiful.

Alternatives to each time zone: Weltzeitfreund, Timezone.io

A collaboration and community platform

Your team needs a virtual office. Team Spirit Trumps Technology: How To Master Remote Collaboration For Online Teams Team Spirit Trumps Technology: How To Master Remote Collaboration For Online Teams Collaboration doesn't get any easier when you collaborate remotely and only have to use the Internet than common connection. Technology can help navigate chaos. It's just the icing on the cake though. Read More The This is where you can start to feel like a valuable part of the team instead of feeling like a nobody working in isolation.

I think @SlackHQ solved the @universalmind #startupchats virtual water cooler problem

- Joe Johnston (@merhl) September 25, 2015

Slack Worked Well Slack Makes Group Communication Faster and Easier Slack Makes Group Communication Faster, and easier group emailing can really hurt productivity. It's time to put email clients to rest and take advantage of collaboration services like the newly launched Slack. Read more at MakeUseOf for us. We did not post the email but we are reserving it for selection announcements now. We suggest you give Slack a shot.

If your team chooses Slack, here are Slack tips for you. Get more out of these 7 tips. Get more out of these 7 tips. With a clever user interface, Slack makes a potentially complex workflow simple and intuitive. It redefined communication. Make better use of Slack with these tips. Read More The ultimate way to get Slack working with your favorite services. The ultimate way to get Slack working with your favorite services. In addition to communication, there are many ways to get information inside Slack, but there are few integrations that allow you to control external services from within Slack - until now. Continue reading .

Even if you're a solo preneur, a central dashboard like Slack can work for you. Try it out to see if it can improve the way you work with your customers.

Would you like to pat someone on your team on the back when you are doing your job well? We have a special Slack channel called scream for this.

You can take our Slack channel trick or try a tool like Small Improvements that gives you a custom feedback process on performance.

Alternatives to Slack: HipChat, Pie

A project management setup

Choosing a project management setup that fits well with your team's specific workflow takes some kind of trial and error. However, Trello is a great choice for many teams because of its versatility and ease of use. 10 Unique Uses Of Trello Other Than Project Management 10 Unique Uses Of Trello Other Than Project Management Trello is a real treat for list lovers. His Kanban approach wasn't just intended for project management. Don't believe us Check out these ten unique uses from Trello. Continue reading .

Trello can handle anything you throw at it. You can map your team's strategies, set goals, discuss ideas, assign tasks, track them, and do a lot more.

Decide on the work processes in advance and make sure that they are clearly labeled and organized. This will keep your Trello projects from getting messy. And don't forget it Add Smart Search to Your Trello Workflow!

Alternatives to Trello: Asana, Quip, Podio (Our Podio Tips How To Better Track And Manage Your Projects With Podio How To Better Track And Manage Your Projects With Podio) The best project management tools are easy to start and flexible enough to grow with your project How Podio can meet your project needs. additional Information

A decision making tool

General team discussions can break loose on tangents and get out of hand extremely quickly. They are not conducive to making clear suggestions about a particular proposal.

To make decision-making easier, some kind of voting app is much better. We recommend Loomio, a web-based open source app that makes the decision-making process clearer.

Loomio allows you to start a proposal, set a deadline for the outcome and invite your teammates to vote on it. People can further elaborate their choices and change their voices. What matters is that everyone in the team can See at a glance where the proposal is going.

Alternative to Loomio: Tricider

An audio / video chat app

There are times when you need to have face-to-face conversations with one or more people on your team. If you're a camera-sick introvert like me, you may be scared of calls like this, but sometimes you just can't escape them. And when you to do If you need video (or audio) chat, Google Hangouts is a reliable choice, as long as you have a decent internet connection.

I know this is super old tech but J / @Google Hangouts 4 used a work call, we felt like we were in the same room! #DeskJockeyChronicles

- Jeff Sanders (@ JSAND4MAYOR) October 15, 2015

Hangouts Keeps Video Calls Easy Google Finally Made a Hangouts Web Application & It's Worth It Google Finally Made a Hangouts Web Application & It's Worth It For a long time, Hangouts on the desktop was a nightmare. Now there is an extensive update on the web in the form of a completely new dedicated web app. More information, encrypts your communication, allows you to invite up to 10 people to a group chat, and supports screen sharing. It works on cell phones too.

Alternatives to Google Hangouts: Skype, Appear.in, Sqwiggle

A file sharing service

A repository to store and share project files is a must for any team, and a cloud storage service is the perfect choice for this role. We recommend Dropbox as it's still the most intuitive secure file sharing solution and it adds useful document collaboration features. Improve collaborative editing of Office files with Dropbox and Project Harmony. Improve the collaborative editing of Office files with Dropbox and Project move towards collaborative writing and editing. Project Harmony gives Dropbox for Business users early access to a new desktop collaboration feature. Read more from time to time.

Dropbox's answer to collaborative editing of documents in Google Docs is Paper http://t.co/MakL4FR3J0 pic.twitter.com/IPeO8Wrptk

- The Verge (@verge) October 18, 2015

Choose a Dropbox plan based on your team size and storage needs. You can choose between Dropbox Basic, Dropbox Pro, and Dropbox for Business.

You can also make Dropbox more powerful by adding third-party services. With Balloon.io you can, for example, put files directly into your Dropbox.

If Dropbox for Business is too much for your business, try Dropbox's team feature. It gives you a range of tools for collaboration in your Basic or Pro account.

Alternatives to Dropbox: Google Drive, OneDrive

An automation service

Regardless of whether you work alone or in a team, there are always repetitive tasks that take up a lot of time. The smartest thing is to narrow down those who don't need Your input and then automate it with a service like Zapier or IFTTT.

At MakeUseOf, we have a wealth of resources that you can use to automate various aspects of your work. Start with Ryan's list of IFTTT recipes for easier collaboration. 7 IFTTT Recipes You Should Set Up For Easily Collaborating With Others 7 IFTTT Recipes You Should Set Up For Easily Working With Others When you work with others, IFTTT offers even more ways to automate and simplify the process of working with others . Here are 7 useful recipes for a project you are managing with someone else. Continue reading .

OK. I just have nerd gas. You can set Zapier to accept calendar events and add them to a Trello list to automate the workflow. I may have squealed.

- Elon James White (@elonjames) October 12, 2015

The secret ingredient: a stable support system

Although you are well connected with your teammates, working in remote online business can make you feel lonely, as if you were working in a vacuum. It is up to you Taking care of yourself and making focused efforts to build a support system for people and activities. This will help you avoid health problems. Log in the Life: Top 9 Tips To Combat Computer Fatigue & Protect Your Health Log in the Life: Top 9 Tips To Combat Computer Fatigue & Protect Your Health Did you know that your sedentary lifestyle could kill you? from the inside to the outside? Ryan has previously brought up a case about the potential health risks from sitting too long and for those of us who are in the ... thrive despite the pressure of remote work.

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Why do you need a remote work strategy?

A mishmash of instant tools and random activities will get your job done. But it also creates a lot of confusion and drains your time and resources.

Setting up a system with the right tools can take a while it is worth the effort. As part of a team that has a fairly streamlined workflow, I can vouch for the benefits of this approach.

Few things are as satisfying as a smooth workflow

- Gage Glupker (@CheckYourGages) September 13, 2015

The bottom line is that you need to work with your teammates or clients to set up shared tools for regular tasks. This way anyone can stick to a standard workflow that:

  • Eliminates unnecessary decisions from the equation,
  • improves real-time communication and
  • allows people to get out of the “always available” mode without worrying that things will go wrong.

Note: Depending on the type of projects your team is working on, you may need specific tools for specific tasks, such as: B. Document collaboration. Teamwork: 10 Tips for Effective Real-Time Online Collaboration Teamwork: 10 Tips for Real-Time Effective Online Collaboration More and feedback on designs.

Easier and better to work?

You can use the tools listed here to improve your remote collaboration setup. You don't have to get all of them - just the ones that can significantly affect your workflow. The fewer apps the better!

What digital tools do you regularly use to collaborate with people on projects? Which ones changed your workflow? Let us know your remote work secrets in the comments.

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