What makes a Wall Street unicorn

Megastar David Einhorn | Billions divorce
by the shark on Wall Street

David Einhorn (48) is the man who made the bankruptcy of the investment bank Lehman Brothers rich. He discovered holes in the balance sheet, publicly warned about them and bet on falling prices. Lehman boss Richard Fuld wanted to "tear his heart out and eat it before his eyes".

But Einhorn earned and earned: With every dollar that the Lehman exchange rate smeared, he is said to have become a million richer. Somewhere in New York, the billionaire ($ 1.55 billion) owns a vaulted cellar full of gold - as security.

The American is one of the 50 most influential people and the highest-paid hedge fund managers in the world ("Forbes"). He even forced tech giant Apple to pay more money out to shareholders. Wall Street therefore calls him "David the Goliath".

Now he has a problem. 23 years after the wedding, the unicorns divorce, reports the "New York Post". New York society puzzles: do the unicorns have a prenuptial agreement? Or is Cheryl entitled to half of the pot of gold? His office opposite BamS: "Mr. Einhorn does not comment on private matters."

The two met while studying at private Cornell University in New York State and have been a couple ever since. She first becomes a financial journalist for the magazine "Barron’s", teaches at the university and finally works as a freelance media consultant.

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When her husband founded his finance company in 1996 with $ 900,000, she invented the name "Greenlight". She also advises Britain's Prime Minister Tony Blair.

The unicorns have a son and two daughters. So far the family has seemed intact, for example they are said to have met every day at home for dinner. The father goes to bed at 9 p.m. At 3 o'clock he gets up again, reads his emails and delves into company balance sheets.

Unicorn is also a gamer. He won $ 650,000 at the "World Series of Poker" and donated it to the Parkinson's Foundation run by US actor Michael J. Fox. Divorce could also be a game of poker.

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