How do you say adorable in Spanish

Translation of "adorable" in spanish

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adorable hermosa preciosa


The service was adorable and the hospitality perfect.
El servicio fue encantador, y la hospitalidad simplemente perfecta.
This parasite is adorable and a great dancer.
Este parásito it encantador... y baila como pocos.
You are the same adorable like your mother.
You are just adorableeven if you threaten me Wonderful.
I said "quite adorable".
You see They see adorable out, Lieutenant Uhura.
I can find your pictures in the brochure adorable.
Brenda Bradford ... she is like that adorable.
The Duchess of Milan is adorable.
You were just like that adorablethat I didn't mean to correct you.
It que eres tan hermosa que no quería corregirte.
Anna, you see today adorable out.
You are like that adorable as always.
Elizabeth, see you today adorable out.
Almost like that adorable like the hands they play.
My dear, you look like that adorable out.
All is adorable and so bright green.
Viola that is adorable from you.
And if not, then you are adorable.
I just said she did adorable is.
She was incredibly funny and adorable.
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