Why are legal fees so expensive

What does the lawyer cost?

Source: anwaltverein.de, process cost calculator
  • Note: According to the RVG, a fee rate higher than 1.3 can generally only be claimed if the lawyer's work was extensive or difficult.

Those who lose the litigation must bear these costs. There is an exception in labor law: Here, in the first instance, each side has to pay for its costs. If a settlement is reached, the costs will be shared between the parties on a pro rata basis. It gets even more expensive if, for example, expert opinions are required or witness fees have to be paid.

  • Biallo tip: If you have any doubts about the bill that the lawyer has issued, you can contact the bar association. There is an arbitration board here that deals with such issues.

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Advisory aid certificate and legal aid

If one cannot afford the expenses for a lawyer and no other advice offers or help facilities can be called upon, such as consumer advice centers or workers' welfare, there is still the possibility of obtaining legal assistance through advice assistance. This is regulated by the Counseling Assistance Act (BerHG). As a rule, this affects everyone who is entitled to social assistance benefits, who receive unemployment benefit II or who receive funds under the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act. It also includes low-wage earners who can show that they have no budget for a lawyer. At the local court (legal application center), those affected can receive a counseling aid certificate after submitting all necessary evidence. With this certificate you can get advice from a lawyer if you pay a nominal fee of ten euros. This person may then act for you out of court, legal proceedings are not covered.

If there is actually a lawsuit, there is the option of legal aid (PKH). The costs for a procedure are initially disbursed from the state treasury; the attending lawyer applies for legal aid for his client. Legal aid is only eligible if the case has a chance of success. And even then, not all costs are covered, for example not the legal fees of the opposing side if the client loses the process.

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