How does Trump make fun kids memes

  • by Anna-Katharina Ahnefeld

Donald Trump didn't like that at all: On social media, users make fun of an unfavorable image. The President reacts violently.

  • Speaks at a press conference Donald Trump for the first time from an excerpt from the White House.
  • Nevertheless, he continues to rage against an alleged one Election fraud.
  • But a small table becomes a laugh for them Internet.

Washington / USA - In the United States The hashtag is currently trending "DiaperDon". An unfavorable photo and a small table during one press conference apparently makes the internet laugh uproariously. Memes arise. And the US President Donald Trump seems beside himself with anger.

In a press conference posed on Thursday Trump for the first time in prospect that White House for the elected 46th US PresidentJoe Bidento vacate. Nevertheless, he continued to rage against an alleged one Election manipulation and messed with a journalist. But it was something else that caused a stir that day, among other things. The one for the US presidents too small looking table to sit at after a video meeting Thanksgiving Took a seat. This strange sight did not escape the Internet.

Donald Trump was moved to the kiddie table this Thanksgiving. Watch out, the grown ups are here now. # Thanksgiving # trump # tinydesk #

- Rachel Wilder (@RachelWilder_) November 27, 2020

Twitter laughs at Donald Trump: Small table at press conference in the White House becomes a meme

“You already have him at the children's table for Thanksgiving set ”, writes a Twitter user. Another: "Thought it was processed, but no, just laughing symbolically." Still others just want to thank the person who set the table for them press conference selected.

I still can't quite believe this happened today.
Whoever suggested that desk… thank you. # Tinydesk # TinyDeskDonaldhttps: //

- Noah Maher (@noahsparc) November 27, 2020

Others go even further. One for Donald Trump very unfavorable image that appears to be wearing a diaper is used for a political action group Twitter for inspiration. "Meida's touch“, According to their own statements by three brothers in the United States founded to defeat Trump, invents: #diaperdon. In the German Diaper Don. And users in the social media make #diaperdon a trend.

What a night # / RhBkv2P7nX

- (@MeidasTouch) November 27, 2020

Donald Trump at press conference in the White House: President rages against Twitter and Section 230

That leaves Donald Trump do not sit on yourself and also reacts to Twitter. First he writes, apparently reacting to the new trend: “Twitter sends out completely wrong 'trends' that have absolutely nothing to do with what is really trending in the world. You make it up and it's just negative 'things'. Twitter will happen the same as Fox News during the day. Also a great conservative discrimination! ”Because the US president is also in a dispute with his former favorite channel Fox News.

paragraphSection 230, since 1996
taskSection 230 protects social media like Twitter and Facebook from being made criminal for the content of their users
part ofCommunications Decency Act
Online lawProvider privilege
textNo provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider.

But that's not enough: in another tweet asks Trump even the abolition of the "Section 230" - with reference to the National security. And not for the first time. It wasn't until May that he wanted to put the Internet giants in their place. (aka) * is part of the Ippen-Digital network.

As soon as Donald Trump is no longer US President, that could mean the end of his Twitter career. The company could block his account.

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