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APR 2018

World Music / Jazz / Fusion ǀ Music cultures meet! Exceptional guitarist Torsten de Winkel, musical companion of many Grammy and Echo award winners from Pat Metheny to Whitney Houston to HATTLER, presents a unique mix of Latino traditions, African and Indian influences, rock, pop and jazz. To listen to: http://www.bimbache.info/media/hr2_doppelkopf.mp3

Great musicians accompany him: Karthik Mani Subramanya works regularly with the most successful Indian artists and was the first Indian percussionist to receive the Independent World Music Award. His mother is the legendary singer R.A. Ramamani, his father Master T.A.S. Mani, who is also a drummer Magnus Dauner studied the South Indian rhythmic language Konnakol and Mridangam.

Kai Eckhardt de Camargo is an impressive representative of the polyphonic slap technique on the electric bass. He and Torsten de Winkel, long-standing role models for many younger musicians, mixed up the Rhine-Main scene at a young age with as much chutzpah as they were talented, and soon found their way into the circles around Santana, Journey and John McLaughlin.

All musicians stand for an enlightened, non-ideological pleasure principle in music, which allows to encounter foreign cultures at eye level and to inspire one another. We have already enjoyed several of the exciting encounters in the FABRIK over the past few years. We look forward to this new edition with a focus on South India.

Karthik Mani (perc), Magnus Dauner (dr), Torsten de Winkel (g), Kai Eckhardt (b) / magnusdauner.com / kaizone.com / bimbache.info