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Structural formula
Surname Benzotrifluoride
other names
  • α, α, α-trifluorotoluene
  • Phenyl fluoroform
  • Phenyl trifluoromethane
  • Trifluoromethylbenzene
Molecular formula C.7H5F.3
CAS number 98-08-8
Brief description colorless, volatile, highly flammable, almost odorless liquid
Molar mass 146.11 g / mol
Physical state liquid
density 1.2 g / cm3[1]
Melting point -29 ° C[1]
boiling point 102 ° C[1]
Vapor pressure

40 mbar at 20 ° C [1]


very sparingly soluble in water (0.45 g / l at 20 ° C[1])

safety instructions

15000 mg / kg oral rat[2]

WGK 1[1]
As far as possible and customary, SI units are used. Unless otherwise noted, the data given apply to standard conditions.

Benzotrifluoride is a chemical compound from the group of aromatic fluorocarbons. It is a colorless, volatile, highly flammable and almost odorless liquid.

Extraction and presentation

Benzotrifluoride can be made by fluorinating benzotrichloride.


Physical Properties

Benzotrifluoride has a calorific value of 4.6 kWh / kg[3] and a refractive index of 1.413-1.415[4]. Benzotrifluoride vapors are 5.05 times heavier than air.

Chemical properties

Benzotrifluoride reacts with hot water to form hydrogen fluoride and benzoic acid.


Benzotrifluoride is used as a starting material for the manufacture of herbicides, dyes and pharmaceuticals, such as the intermediate m-chlorobenzotrifluoride C7H4ClF3 (CAS: 98-15-7) and benzotrifluoride isocyanates. It is still used as a solvent.

safety instructions

Benzotrifluoride vapors form an explosive mixture with air.

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