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The entire story of Darth Maul was finally explained

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There are few characters in the history of cinema as iconic as Darth Maul. He made a relatively brief appearance inStar Wars: Episode I - The Phantom MenaceWith only three lines of dialogue and only 34 words spoken in total, but that was all he needed. It would have been enough if he had followed in the footsteps of the similarly enigmatic person Boba Fett, who mostly just stood around cool, but what really made audiences fall in love with Maul was his incredible fight scenes. His amazing acrobatics, combined with his double lightsaber, meant Maul was at least twice as cool as anyone else in the galaxy.

Yes, he apparently died at the end of Episode I., but the audience couldn't get enough of him, so Darth Maul didn't stay dead long. Like many, we first thought that this resurrection of Maul would just be a soulless fan service. But the stories that have been told about him since his return have all been surprisingly dense and interesting, full of intriguing content that deepens his character far beyond what we see in his first film debut.

What follows is the full story of Darth Maul, from birth to apparent death, resurrection to actual death. If you think you know everything about Maul, trust us - there is still a lot to learn, our young apprentice.

Adopted by evil

The full story of Maul's early years was not shown on the page or on screen, but we can put together a fairly clear picture of his disturbing childhood from various retellings and scattered lines of dialogue in comics such asDarth Maul: son of Dathomirand shows howStar Wars: The Clone Wars.

The child who will eventually become Darth Maul is born on the planet Dathomir, a world controlled by a matriarchal order of dark side force users known as Nightsisters. Maul grew up in a tribe ruled by the savages, Mother Talzin. Talzin plans that her three sons will grow up to be Nightbrothers, the all-male warriors who protect and serve the Nightsisters. But all of that changes the day Darth Sidious comes to Dathomir.

As part of his plan for galactic rule, Sidious aims to learn the manipulation techniques of the dark sides of the Nightsisters. After working with mother Talzin for a while, Sidious is impressed with her skills and offers to take her on as his new apprentice. However, as bad guys often do, Darth Sidious never keeps that promise.

Instead, Sidious kidnaps one of Talzin's sons and disappears from Dathomir. Sidious not only senses great potential in the boy, but also wants someone he can completely control. Whatever this child's maiden name was, it is now lost to history as Sidious renames it Maul.

Raised in secret

Sidious' training and brainwashing of Darth Maul is quite successful and he becomes a formidable Sith warrior. Due to his enormous abilities, Maul is also impatient for the time when he finally gets the chance to fight a Jedi. But because Sidious only wants to reveal the existence of the Sith order to the Jedi at the last possible moment, he forbids Maul to do so.

The 2017 comic series Star Wars: Darth Maul Tells the story of the first time Darth Maul crosses paths - and lightsabers - with a Jedi. In it, Maul learns of a Jedi Padawan named Eldra Kaitis, who was captured by a group of criminals called the Xrexus Cartel. Maul decides to ignore his master's order to remain hidden and travels to the auction where Kaitis was sold as a slave. After a series of mishaps, Maul manages to rescue Kaitis from captivity and then challenge her to a duel. Although Kaitis fights valiantly, Maul wins her fight in the end and kills her.

After Darth Maul returns to his master, he suspects that Sidious will be upset because of his disobedience. But Sidious congratulates him, telling him that the Sith were 'born defiant' and that Maul 'accepted' the nature of their order. Darth Sidious asks his apprentice if this has quenched his bloodlust, and Maul tells him it hasn't. Sidious replies, 'Good.'

Chop mouth

We have now reached the part of Darth Maul's story where he first appeared to the audience.Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menacebegins when, after years of planning, Darth Sidious finally tips over the first domino of his ridiculously complex plan to take control of the galactic government. But then Queen Amidala of Naboo, along with a pair of Jedi, Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi Wan Kenobi, begin to mess up all of Sidious's carefully crafted plans. Sidious sends Maul to track down these meddling benefactors, and although he manages to catch up with them on the planet Tatooine, Maul only manages to squeeze into a brief lightsaber fight with Qui-Gon before these annoying heroes reach their spaceship and flee Handle.

During the climax, Maul gets a chance for a rematch when he, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan meet again on Naboo and have what is considered by many to be the greatest lightsaber fight in the world war of stars History. Outnumbered, Maul decides to separate his two enemies and push Obi-Wan off a ledge so he can fight Qui-Gon non-stop. When Obi-Wan manages to reunite with them, Darth Maul stabs Qui-Gon in the chest and kills him. Obi-Wan is angry and fighting harder than ever. Using tricky, power-assisted acrobatics, he manages to cut Maul in half by his waist and let him fall onto a seemingly bottomless shaft.

Maul is unloaded

At this point, any sane person would assume Darth Maul is dead. But Maul comes back in the cartoonStar Wars: The Clone Wars. To paraphrase the Beatles: he's not half the man he used to be. Keeping alive by the sheer force of his hatred of Kenobi, Maul survives being split in two, crawls through the underbelly of the Naboo Palace, and eventually escapes ... into the trash.

Maul's upper half is eventually shipped in the trash in Loti Minor, a planet completely covered by a single endless junkyard. There he manages to replace his lower body with some cleaned robotic legs, but he still lives in dire circumstances, with little food or water and no way off the planet.

Years later, back on Dathomir, a night brother named Wilde Opresse learns from his mother Talzin that he has a long-lost brother who was taken from them by Darth Sidious. (For the record, Maul's other Brother Feral is also a character in Clone wars.) Using Talzin's sensitivity to power, Savage tracks down Darth Maul, but the man he finds is so angry and so damaged by isolation that he is practically an animal and large parts of his memory are completely absent.

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Savage decides to bring his brother back to Dathomir. Once there, Mother Talzin uses her mysterious dark side magic to restore Maul's fragmented mind.

Super Maul-io brothers

Reunited for the first time in decades, Savage Opress and Darth Maul decide to team up and travel the galaxy together in search of power, happiness and revenge. On the way, Maul calls Savage his apprentice and teaches him the ways of the dark side. They are also recruiting allies such as the criminal organization Black Sun, the radical Mandalorian revolutionary group Death Watch and the forces of Jabba the Hutt. Maul and Savage decide to name their new criminal network the Shadow Collective.

While Maul is building the shadow collective, he also gets some opportunities to cross lightsabers with Obi-Wan Kenobi. The first time Maul sets a trap for the Jedi Master on the planet Raydonia, but Kenobi manages to escape before Maul can land a fatal blow. Kenobi later chases Maul and Savage to the planet Florrum, but this time it's Maul who escapes after Kenobi chops off one of his robot legs and one of Savage's actual arms.

Though they never managed to kill Kenobi, the Shadow Collective goes a long way. They even manage to organize a coup on the planet Mandalore, allowing the shadow collective to take control of the government of the entire planet. During his time on Mandalore, Maul also manages to obtain a new Mandalorian weapon: an old lightsaber with a black blade known as the Darksaber.

Maul suffers a Savage loss

Unfortunately for Maul, his time as ruler of Mandalore is short-lived. In a series of Clone warscalled 'The Outlaws', Maul's door is again darkened by his old master, Darth Sidious. It appears that Sidious - in his alternate identity from Palpatine - had learned from Obi-Wan Kenobi that Maul was still alive. He had come now to lay down his former apprentice, believing Maul's continued existence threatened his plans for the future. First Maul tries to convince his old master that he has captured Mandalore as a gift in hopes of becoming Sidious' apprentice again, but the Sith Lord quickly sees through Maul's lies.

Maul and Savage Opress then fight Sidious together and initially assert themselves. But then Sidious draws a move from Maul's playbook and separates his two opponents. He throws Maul aside with a burst of power so he can fight Opress one on one. As you can imagine, Savage Opress couldn't cope with Sidious without his brother's support, and Sidious can soon knock him down.

Maul then returns to the fight, and you might think that his brother's death would give him an even stronger connection with the dark side. But instead of letting the hatred flow through him, the only emotion he can feel is grief. Maul fights sloppily and unfocused, and Darth Sidious can quickly overpower and capture him.

Maul lives, but his empire is crumbling

Maul's story is taken up again in the comicStar Wars: Darth Maul - son of Dathomir. In it, Maul is in jail and faces Sidious' new apprentice. Count Dooku. Dooku subjects Maul to lightning torture and tries to extract information about the shadow collective. But as you can imagine, a guy whose response to being cut in half is to "walk away" has a high tolerance for pain, so Maul doesn't give up much.

Shortly thereafter, the shadow collective forces can save Maul from prison, but at that point the days of the collective are numbered. As an enemy of both the Jedi and the Sith - despite having far fewer resources than either - Maul is really stuck between a rock and a Darth location, and his allies are deserting him left and right.

Maul achieves a brief victory when his forces capture and hold Count Dooku. Despite Maul's attempts to contact Sidious and use his new hostage as a lever, his old master claims he has no more use for either. He tells Maul that he is free to kill Dooku.

Unimpressed, Maul then turns strategies and tries to convince Dooku to make an alliance with him against Sidious. But Dooku refuses, stating that he just doesn't believe an alliance against Darth Sidious would work. He's just way too powerful.

The fall of Dathomir

Before Maul gets the chance to convince Dooku further, they are interrupted by an attack on the supply outpost. It appears that a group of Republican soldiers led by Obi-Wan Kenobi and Mace Winduhabe found them. In view of this new development, Dooku feigns an alliance with Maul and the two Sith Lords can fight their way through the Jedi and flee.

Maul then returns to his homeworld of Dathomir, bringing Dooku with him to sit down for a while and seek his mother's advice. While he is there, however, Dathomir is attacked by Darth Sidious' forces, led by Darth Sidious and General Grievous. You have come in person to save Dooku and finally to lay down your mouth.

Maul manages to rally some Shadow Collective forces to fight back against the invasion, but it makes no difference. During the fight, when Maul and Mother Talzin are overpowered, she uses her powers to force Maul out of the fight in order to save him. Moments later, she is killed by Grievous. Maul tries briefly to re-enter the fight, but is then dragged away by Shadow Collective warriors and is convinced to flee the planet.

Last stand on Mandalore

Maul's takeover in Mandalore isn't just about building a criminal empire. After Mother Talzin's death, the former Darth returns to the planet with a very specific goal: hold on to Sidious by killing Anakin Skywalker and disrupting the Sith Lord's plans for a galactic takeover.

Maul's plan is pretty simple. When he returns to Mandalore, Maul assumes that Bo-Katan Kryze, the sister of Mandalore's murdered leader, will turn to the Jedi for help in lifting Maul's regime. Given Obi-Wan Kenobi's close personal connection with the planet (he had a relationship with Mandalor's former Duchess Satine), Maul assumed he would be the one to answer the call - and if Obi-Wan is around, Chances are that Anakin isn't far behind.

But Sidious's plans are moving even faster than Maul expected, and Obi-Wan and Anakin are too preoccupied with the final stages of the Clone Wars to save Mandalore. Instead, the Jedi send Anakin's former padawan, ex-Jedi Ahsoka Tano, and an army of clone soldiers to take over Maul's forces. During the siege that followed, Ahsoka and Maul trade lightsabers in one of the best duels war of stars Story before Ahsoka wins the battle and takes Maul prisoner.

Mandalore is finally free of Maul's control, though not before the ex-Sith drops a big bomb: As they fight, Maul tells Ahsoka that Sidious has nursed Anakin as his new apprentice. The problem? Ahsoka doesn't believe him and decides not to warn the Jedi Council of Anakin's possible duplicity. We all know how The turned out.

Order of Survival 66

After Maul is in custody and the Clone Wars enter the final stages, Ahsoka and her clone army begin the journey back to Coruscant, where Maul is to be held prisoner. You never make it. As Ahsoka's ship speeds through the speed of light, Sidious issues Order 66, causing the clones to attack the Jedi and cement the transformation of the Republic into the Galactic Empire.

Ahsoka is no longer part of the Jedi Order, but she's still a heroine with a lightsaber (two of them actually), which makes her a great target. Fortunately, Ahsoka has Maul nearby. Ahsoka needs a distraction to get the clones off her tail. He frees Maul from his restraint and lets go of him to wreak havoc. It delivers more than: While Ahsoka and her friend Captain Rex work on their escape, Maul takes the fight to the clone army and sabotages the ship's hyperdrive generators, causing the ship to head for the surface of a nearby moon.

With a major crash imminent, Maul flees into the hangar bay, where he crosses again with Ahsoka. A brief battle ensues, but Maul is able to command a ship and flee so he can regroup elsewhere in the galaxy - forcing Ahsoka and Rex to fend for themselves.

Crimson Dawn

Still alive but without allies, Maul slowly begins to rebuild. He starts a new criminal organization, but this time he remains in the shadows with a man named Dryden Vos as the public face of his operation. Maul calls his new crime syndicate on Crimson Dawn.

The 2018 filmSolo: A Star Wars Storytells the story of Han Solo's brief contact with Maul's organization. In it, Han and his criminal partner Tobias Beckett are hired to steal Crimson Dawn fuel for spaceships, but they botch the job. Both men are massively opposed to the organization.After meeting Vos where Han learns that his childhood friend, Qi'ra, is now Vos' deputy, Han comes up with a plan to make things right. Han steals another batch of spaceship fuel from the Kessel mines and returns the stolen cargo in the now infamous Kessel Run.

After Han returns, there is Reservoir Dogs-esque cascade of betrayal and treachery between Han, Beckett, Vos and Qi'ra, but in the end Han kills Beckett and Qi'ra kills Vos. Han then flees, and Qi'ra eventually commands Vos' forces, the new de facto face of the Crimson Dawn. Qi'ra then contacts Vos' manager and learns that it is Darth Maul. It may seem like a throwaway scene of sorts, but this brief holo-call with Qi'ra is Maul's first appearance in a motion picture since it was cut in half in 1999.

Maul's new apprentice

When Maul's brief appearance comes in Alone They felt dissatisfied, he also made a significant appearance in the cartoonStar Wars: Rebels. The show takes place in the early days of the rebellion and tells the story of a young, force-sensitive rebel named Ezra Bridger.

While Ezra is exploring some ancient Sith ruins on the lifeless planet of Malachor, he encounters a stooped stranger in a cloak. The stranger explains that he was looking for something in the nearby Sith Temple called the Sith Holocron, which is basically a force computer filled with ancient Sith knowledge. However, he discovered that two Force users had to work together to open the doors to the temple so he couldn't do it on his own.

In order to lift the extremely heavy stone doors, the stranger teaches Ezra how to strengthen his powers of power by using his emotions, which Ezra's mentors forbid. With the stranger's guidance, Ezra can retrieve the holocron.

The two then reunite with Ezra's teacher, the former Jedi Padawan Chicken Fly, who immediately recognizes the stranger as Darth Maul. The stranger corrects him and says he was 'formerly Darth, now just Maul'. As you can imagine, it doesn't take long before Maul betrays them and offers to make Ezra his new apprentice. And although Maul is defeated and forced to flee, Ezra finds that his time with Maul has changed him forever as he has gotten a taste of the power that the dark side can bring.

Maul and Obi-Wan's last duel

Maul later reappears in Ezra's life to make the young Jedi an offer. Maul is looking for the answer to a question, and to get it he needs another Force user to operate a pair of holocrons with him. This gives the couple a shared vision and gives each participant the answer to every question they ask. Ezra agrees and decides that what he most wants to know is the key to destroying the Sith. Esra then has a vision of 'twin suns'. When Maul heard this, he noticed: 'He is alive.'

Finally, Ezra can put together that Maul is looking for the legendary Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi, who lives hidden on the planet Tatooine. Ezra travels there to warn Kenobi and persuade him to join the rebellion, but Kenobi refuses, saying that the rebellion already has everything it needs. Then Maul and he and Kenobi duel one last time. This time nothing interrupts them and no one escapes. Their fight is quick and Obi-Wan wins and kills Maul by cutting him in the chest. Although there are still many gaps in the story of Maul's life and there are sure to be more stories to be told about him, we now know how his story ends.

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Additionally, Ezra's vision of 'Twin Suns' actually answers his question about the key to defeating the Sith, as a young Luke Skywalker is living under the Twin Suns of Tatooine at the time.