What is a political impasse

Political impasse

A year after its first attempts at walking, the “people's initiative” is stuck in a political dead end. Instead of being in the middle of society, its spokesman Jürgen Elsässer now romps in an unsavory milieu of conspiracy theorists, Islamists and the extreme right. This has just as little to do with the proclaimed "Alliance from Gauweiler to Lafontaine" as it has to do with the claim of the barely more than two dozen members from various left currents to want to put concepts such as people and nation back at the center of politics. When protests against the joint meeting of the German and Israeli cabinets in Berlin on November 30th, then alongside the Islamists of the pro-Iranian »Quds working group« Jürgen Elsässer is also in the thick of it. He considers the participation of the “people's initiative” in the demonstration to be “a must”. He wants to take part in the mobilization on his internet blog. It is at least obvious that this is only superficially about German arms exports. Because the questionable cooperation has become a tradition.

It was not until the end of October that a representative of Quds-AG spoke at the invitation of the Homilius publishing house at the presentation of the book "Iran - Facts against Western Propaganda", which was published by Elsässer. There he described it as the task of "every person who wishes for a better world" to "protect the Iranian republic from any attack". Ayatollah Khomeini, who had several thousand supporters of the communist Tudeh party imprisoned and executed as spies of the Soviet Union after the Shah fled in 1979, was "a man of God," according to the Quds AG spokesman.

Above all, it is the logic of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" that drove Elsässer - and because of its leading role also the "popular initiative" - ​​first into political isolation and finally into dubious realms. For example, after the Iranian president's questionable re-election, he threw a "Congratulations, Ahmadinejad!" On the other hand, he called the protesting opposition "cheers from the USA and NATO", "discomies" and "Tehran drug junkies" and congratulated the fact that "Ahmadinejad's people are a little careful and have put one or the other into a darkroom."

Left media pulled the rip cord

The fact that Elsässer backtracked some time later and claimed that "certain formulations were ambiguous so that they could be misunderstood" speaks for itself, as does the fact that no mention was made of the fact that in December 2006 right-wing extremists from all over the world were invited to " Holocaust Conference «to Tehran. There was no public criticism from within our own ranks. And that, although Elsässer's criticism of Israel or the analyzes of "Anglo-American" globalization and international finance capital are hardly more differentiated than his statements on the Iranian opposition.

The left-wing media, in which Elsässer was able to publish for many years, have long since pulled the rip cord, including the Junge Welt and the New Germany. Overall, the tablecloth on the left seems torn, with the Alsatian "biting reflexes of a dying species - the inbred 68er". He defamed the participants in a controversial protest in front of the left-wing Club Voltaire in Frankfurt am Main as "Zionist / anti-German fascists". The well-known anti-fascist and member of the Bundestag Ulla Jelpke (Die LINKE), on the other hand, has "a lot of political correctness nonsense" in her head. And so on.

Today Elsässer writes almost exclusively for publishers and publications that, like Kopp-Verlag, belong to the spectrum of conspiracy theory. One thinks little of serious journalism and the demarcation to the right. Authors like the Islamophobic »security expert« Udo Ulfkotte (»Beware of civil war!«), The »investigative journalist« Gerhard Wisnewski, who suspects an international conspiracy behind the accidental death of Jörg Haider, or the anti-Semite Jan Udo Holey cavort in harmony. "The esoteric conspiracy ideologies are exactly like the National Socialist ones, as is particularly clear from the writings of Udo Holey," wrote the Berlin historian Wolfgang Wippermann once about Elsässer's new colleagues.

This apparently also includes the emeritus constitutional lawyer Karl Albrecht Schachtschneider, a proven opponent of right-wing extremism in Europe. The NPD parliamentary group in the Saxon state parliament invited him to a hearing on the EU constitution in 2005 as an expert. For the former Haider party FPÖ, he prepared an expertise on the Lisbon Treaty in autumn 2007. In March of this year he finally appeared in the anti-Islam formation “pro Köln” against the construction of “large mosques”.

With the nation against political correctness

Jürgen Elsässer doesn't seem to care about such biographical details. "Prof. Schachtschneider is probably the most important man in defense of Germany's independence," he praises on his Internet blog and euphorically advertises the recording of one of his speeches: "Anyone who has never seen the energetic, highly competent but popular intellectual in action, should study this lecture for at least a few minutes. ”That is not really surprising. Because the video comes from a congress that took place in Fulda at the beginning of July and at which Elsässer also appeared as a speaker.

However, he regularly counters the accusation that he has changed camp or is at least pursuing a cross-front strategy in which the distinction between the extreme right has been lost with the reprimand that he does not want to have anything to do with the NPD. "No sooner do you say a clever word and you are already considered a nationalist," is the grid of his critics. But Elsässer has long been arguing no longer like someone who wants to promote an alliance from Lafontaine to Gauweiler with his "popular initiative", but like an outright reactionary. Political correctness is "an amorphous system of prohibitions to think, the hysterical and stupid warning against the repetition of the past in German style" and without collectives such as "nation, state, religion or family" there is resistance to the transnationally organized Capital doomed.

It goes without saying that these collectives are subject to a purity law. Regarding the adoption right for homosexuals, for example, he let it be known: “What is happening at the moment are not measures against gay discrimination, but measures to destroy the family.” Children need caregivers with polar gender characteristics. "But when people play 'Mamma and Papa' who do not have a solid gender identity themselves, the adolescents are plunged into sexual and emotional chaos," warns Elsässer.

About a year ago someone wrote about a first meeting of the “People's Initiative” in Berlin under the pseudonym Luise: “Another sore point was Jürgen's tendency to provoke. (...) Always these tricky terms, always this Gauweiler, and then this nonsense of unintentionally offending when criticizing ›marginalized group-oriented politics‹. How much unnecessary annoyance and misunderstanding he could have saved himself. ”So at least some of his fellow campaigners had an inkling of what they were getting into.

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