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The different types of schools in France
From the Ecole to the Collège to the Lycée

The school system in France consists of different types of school: first the pre-school for children from 3 years old (école maternelle), then the elementary school (école élémentaire) and the comprehensive school (collège), which are attended by all pupils, and finally the grammar school.

The pre-school - L'école maternelle - from 3 years

It's a kind of preschool, but there is also a lot of play. The children have a fixed daily rhythm, have to be there at a specific time and are also picked up at a specific time. Almost all children in France go to the école maternelle, where teachers teach.

There are three grades: small, medium and large (la petite, la moyenne et la grande section). Wednesdays are free of school. This school is free.

The primary school - L'école élémentaire - from 6 years

The école élémentaire (the primary school) is an all-day school. You stay there for 5 years.

In general, school starts between 8:30 am and 8:45 am and ends at 3:30 pm at the latest.

Before that, Wednesday was often a day off from school. Until autumn 2013, Wednesday was often a day off in primary school in France. The students now have to go to school on Wednesday mornings, but the school days have become shorter.

The comprehensive school - Le Collège - from the 6th grade

After primary school, all students go to college, regardless of how good they are. It is comparable to the comprehensive school. You attend four classes there. At the end of the 9th grade - called troisième - there is the final exam "le brevet". There are written exams in math, in French, in history / geography and an oral examination in art history.

Schooling is compulsory up to the age of 16.

In France, most students go to college after college Lycée (high school).

A distinction is made between the Lycée général, where 50% of the students go, the Lycée technique (23%) and the Lycée professionnel (27%). You can also learn a trade there.

The Lycée lasts 3 years and ends with the baccalauréat (bac for short), the French Abitur.

Because all pupils can go to the Lycée, many more pupils in France have the Abitur than in Germany (72% in France and approx. 50% in Germany).

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