What is the origin of ripped jeans

5 sentences that you only know when you wear ripped jeans

Ripped jeans are hip. Not everyone has just fully understood the trend, as the following comments show.

Jeans are cool. Only ripped jeans are even cooler - at least if the fashion mags of this world have their way. It feels like the degree of brokenness increases, not only the coolness, but also the price. Crazy, right?!

Ripped jeans: And suddenly you feel like an alien

But although the trousers with holes in them are very popular, there is always a strange feeling of insecurity when they are worn. Strangely enough, people always look at you strangely from the side when you decide to wear your destroyed jeans in the morning. And they not only look confused, no, they also add their mustard to their choice of clothes without being asked. And suddenly you don't feel so casual in the ripped jeans anymore, but much more like an alien. Here are our top 5 phrases you only know when wearing ripped jeans.

1. Someone has no money for a decent pair of jeans.

“You don't have a clue about fashion, do you?” Is the adequate answer to this stupid comment. The feeling of walking around like a sloppy, poor thing, however, remains the whole day. Thank you very much!

2. Oh god, young woman, are you hurt?

“No, maybe you see blood somewhere around here?” It is better to pull it out quickly, completely irritated by the thought processes that torn jeans can trigger in conjunction with a bicycle. Oh dear, you will still be able to put on trousers with holes without people immediately suspecting that you have been involved in a moderately serious accident ?!

3. It's way too cold. That's where it pulls in.

Caring is all well and good when it is kept within limits and if possible does not affect your own outfit. You should trust an adult that he will be able to dress warm enough for the weather.

4. Your jeans are broken.

Oh what, who would have thought. Is it really that obvious? Sorry, but this reference is absolutely superfluous.

5. That can be patched.

Patching is definitely 90s. Who wants to walk around with a big, yellow smiley on their knee today? Really nobody. Holes are really the much cooler option.