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1 Dr. Siegfried Tesche The best quotes from James Bond films For speeches, s, guest book, for pleasure and for knowledge With detailed presentation of all films 2nd updated edition

2 Bibliographic information from the German National Library The German National Library lists this publication in the German National Bibliography; detailed bibliographic data are available on the Internet at ISBN This book is also available as an e-book: ISBN The author: Dr. Siegfried Tesche is certainly the greatest expert on James Bond and has already published several successful specialist books: The Great James Bond Lexicon and The Great James Bond Book, as well as biographies on Sean Connery and Harrison Ford (all titles: Henschel Verlag). James Bond Top Secrets was published by him in 2006. The world of 007 (Militzke Verlag) and Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. The history of the James Bond film music (Schott Musik Verlag). You can find out more about the author at This book was brokered by Aenne Glienke, Agency for Authors and Publishers, 2nd, updated edition 2009 humboldt An imprint from Schlüterschen Verlagsgesellschaft mbh & Co. KG, Hans-Böckler-Allee 7, Hanover Author and publisher have carefully reviewed this book. However, no guarantee can be given for any errors. All rights reserved. The work is protected by copyright. Any use outside of the legally regulated cases must be approved in writing by the publisher. Cover design: DSP Zeitgeist GmbH, Ettlingen Interior design: akusatz Andrea Kunkel, Stuttgart Cover photo: Murat Besler, Dave Sonnier, Harijs A./shutterstock Photos inside: Associated Press, Aston Martin Archives, BMW AG, Camera Press, Cinema Archive, Columbia Pictures, D Dagley, Lotus Cars, Loomis Dean, Talia Films, Siegfried Tesche, United Artists, United International Pictures. Typesetting: PER Medien + Marketing GmbH, Braunschweig Printing: Druckhaus Thomas Müntzer GmbH, Bad Langensalza Made in Germany. Printed on paper from sustainable forestry.

3 5 Contents Foreword Thanksgiving Britain's Last Bulwark Miss Moneypenny Don't dawdle. Go to work M is always right Be careful, 007 Q-Tips The face looks familiar to me, and so is the 00Sex and girl power. 53 A problem solver. I'd say more of a troubleshooter The Killer Bond Please stay alive, at least for tonight Bond. Macho Bond I expect you to die when bad guys talk

4 6 Contents Shaken, not stirred Toasts by the connoisseur James Bond I suspect they want to kill me The Best of the Rest! James Bond is a monster, similar to a Frankenstein Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craigin their own words Numerous cold-blooded brutalities cause objections The best criticism tapping the butt is enough The producer's sayings Weaknesses: alcohol, but not in excess , and women The best quotes from the novels James Bond is the boring name I've ever heard novelist and Bond inventor Ian Fleming in his own words Filmography Bibliography

5 7 Foreword Classic film dialogues, what are you thinking of? To I look you in the eyes, little one from Casablanca, to Call home! from E.T. or vodka martini, shaken, not stirred, the recipe that made the agent so popular in Her Majesty's service? In 1999 the simple greeting became Bond. James Bond was named the most famous line in film history and, along with four others, was included in the Guinness Book of Records as one of the most important cinema lines. At the end of 2004, 90 British cinema managers voted the welcome in second place after You talkin to me by Robert De Niro from Taxi Driver, and in June 2005 around 1,500 directors, actors, critics and studio staff in the USA voted their favorites. The American Film Institute initiated the survey and suggested 400 films. Its director Jean Picker Firstenberg explained that film quotes are part of our cultural vocabulary. Frankly, my dear, I don t give a damn, won the last sentence from the classic Gone with the Wind, which in the German version reads: To be honest, my dear, I don't care. Bond. After all, James Bond came in 22nd.

6 8 Foreword This small collection of quotes pays homage to the novelists and screenwriters, without whom the Bond books and films would not be what they are. The English writer Ian Fleming created 007 in 1952 and sent the agent on a secret mission for the first time a year later with the novel Casino Royale. It was he who invented the license to kill, the double-zero number and also the famous drink. He let Bond travel far, dine well, first gave him a Bentley, then an Aston Martin, had him killed on duty and successfully seduced. The scriptwriters adopted parts of it, but also added new ones. For example the relationship with M's secretary named Miss Moneypenny. In the novels it is limited to polite service conversations without any special meaning. In addition, Bond himself has a secretary named Loelia Ponsonby, with whom he also flirts from time to time. For the films, this turned into an anteroom skirmish between Bond and Miss Moneypenny, which is unique in film history. The hobbyist Q also gained more importance in the films than in the books. The brief encounters between the two men were repeatedly peppered with beautiful bon mots, as you can read here on page 39 ff. Much of this is thanks to the scriptwriters, but not all of it. The first two directors, Terence Young and Guy Hamilton, contributed a lot to these texts, but Sean Connery himself also counts this credit, because it is well known not long ago

7 Foreword 9 that his well-known black humor can be found in a few lines of the film. An example? The ironic comment from the first feature film, James Bond 007, chases Dr. No on the occasion of a crashed car in pursuit read: They were in a hurry to get to their own funeral. Connery got the idea on the set in Jamaica. Especially in the films with Roger Moore, this irony has unfortunately often fallen by the wayside to make way for some flat jokes or the one-liners known from TV series. But gags of a Tarzan bond hanging on lianas, commenting on the encounter with a tiger with the line You belong in the tank, also led the smart Briton to lure a new, sometimes younger audience to the bond films. The fact that in some of the later films with Pierce Brosnan the script was not yet ready at the start of shooting and was constantly being rewritten during the shooting only partially led to poorer dialogues, but it did lead to the fact that the finale often became a permanent explosion led with ambidextrous MP fire. But lines like what, no small talk? No hour of chat. Well, that's today's problem. Nobody wants to take time for a real dark interrogation anymore. A lost art suggests that one can or must write entertaining texts even under pressure. It is also praiseworthy that an important figure such as Bond's boss M

8 10 Preface has won again. What was Admiral Roebuck's question to M right at the beginning of Tomorrow Never Dies: What is the madman doing there? And the appropriate answer from M: His job! Well, I hope, dear reader of this little introduction, that you enjoy the job I have done here. May browsing the following pages be a pleasure. Hopefully it will make you think and see the Bond films again, and maybe even serve as inspiration to try your hand at dialogue. You will find out how difficult it is. This is certainly one more reason to bow to all authors with this booklet. One final note is important. All quotes from the films are taken from the German dubbed versions and no translations of the original versions. Comparisons have shown that there are sometimes major differences between these versions. Fans of the original quotes are referred to another English publication, which, however, is much shorter than this collection of quotations. The same applies to the quotes from Ian Fleming's novels, which incidentally still only exist on the German market in the abridged versions and translations that have been distributed since the 1950s and 1960s and have only been reissued since then. The

9 Foreword 11 The only exception in this book relates to the American television film Casino Royale from the year Since there is no German version of it, I have translated the English texts as well as possible to the best of my knowledge and belief. Siegfried Tesche

10 12 Acknowledgments I hate to give interviews because I always have trouble remembering the lies I told last time. Roger Moore What would a book about quotations be without those who actually, or at least figuratively, helped with it. Therefore, my greatest thanks go to the authors who wrote the novels and films, and I salute their accomplishments. In detail these are: Charles Bennet, Jeffrey Caine, Roald Dahl, Paul Dehn, Anthony Ellis, Bruce Feirstein, Ian Fleming, Michael France, Paul Haggis, Johannanna Harwood, John Hopkins, John Law, George MacDonald Fraser, Richard Maibaum, Tom Mankiewicz, Wolf Mankowitz, Berkely Mather, Kevin McClory, Neal Purvis, Michael Sayers, Lorenzo Semple Jr., Dana Stevens, Robert Wade, Jack Whittingham, Michael G. Wilson and Christopher Wood. Many of these names may not be particularly well known. Perhaps this collection of quotes can help a little bit to focus more on you, the authors, and let you step out of the overpowering shadow of producers, directors and stars for at least a moment.

11 Thanksgiving 13 It's harder to shatter a prejudice than an atom. Albert Einstein Many thanks also to the unimaginative summer program of the television stations. These reliably ensured that one could not be distracted. The most reliable difference between the individual television programs is still the weather report. Woody Allen I would also like to thank Evelin Hoff for the careful proofreading. The most beautiful novels are experienced and not written. Audrey Hepburn

12 14

13 15 Britain's last stronghold Miss Moneypenny James, where have you been? I've searched all of London for you. 007 is here, sir. He'll call you in in a moment. Moneypenny, where is the fire? With me. I desperately need a little cheer. Why don't you go out with me dressed like that, James? You don't even go out with me in a sweater. I couldn't think of anything nicer, but M would face a court-martial for abuse of state property. Nice words from the good old James record, better than nothing after all. Miss Moneypenny chases down to Bond in James Bond 007 Dr. No, 1962

14 16 Britain's Last Bulwark Off to battle, torero! But not without a flight ticket. You lucky guy. I would like to go to Istanbul too. Have you never been to Istanbul? No. The moonlight is reflected in the Bosporus. What am I supposed to do to have you take me with you. You are so hard to seduce. If I could, Money, I'd take you to the end of the world. So? But you don't go there. Bond and Miss Moneypenny in From Moscow With Love, 1963 What do you know about gold, Moneypenny? Oh, the only gold I know about is here, on the ring finger of your right hand. We'll have to talk intensively about this in the near future. How about tonight You come to me to eat and I bake a wonderful biscuit cake for you. Oh, nothing would please me more, but unfortunately I have a business date. It's the most flimsy excuse you have in store. Bond and Miss Moneypenny in Goldfinger, 1964

15 Miss Moneypenny 17 Official assignments are not accepted from the sanatorium. There is time before you come back. Moneypenny, next time I see you I'll put you over my knee. With yogurt and lemon juice? I can not wait any longer. Miss Moneypenny and Bond in Fireball, 1965 Towards the conference room. Something must have happened. All European double zero agents were summoned as quickly as possible. The Minister of the Interior too. Mrs. Minister the dog probably ran away. Miss Moneype nny and Bond in Fireball, 1965 Holy Strawsack, Moneypenny, you haven't changed at all. Sorry, I'm Miss Moneypenny's daughter. Bond and Miss Moneypenny's daughter at Casino Royale, 1967

16 18 Britain's last stronghold. Better go in right now. You're even running late if you come from your own funeral. We corpses have little sense of time. Miss Moneypenny and Bond in You Only Live Twice, 1967 Miss Moneypenny, give 007 the password we agreed with the Japanese woman. Yes, sir. We have come up with something that meets your spoiled demands. Really? I love you. Repeat so I know you got it. No need penny. I can sing that. M, Miss Moneypenny, and Bond in You Only Live Twice, 1967

17 Miss Moneypenny 19 James, where have you been? Too far from you my darling Oh James, always the same cuddle. You heartless person, you. Let me languish here and don't even write me a postcard. From today on there will be no more languishing. Tonight at eight I have cocktails just for the two of us. If you knew how, but I warn you, I can't guarantee myself. Still the old Moneypenny. Britain's last bulwark. Miss Moneypenny and Bond in Her Majesty's Secret Service, 1969 Moneypenny, what should I do without you? Why does it never occur to you to do anything with me? Bond and Miss Moneypenny in On Her Majesty's Secret Service, 1969

18 20 Britain's last bulwark Anyone who sees you in that neat uniform, Money-penny, will lose the desire to leave this country. What should I bring you from Holland? A diamond on a ring? Would you be satisfied with a tulip too? Bond and Miss Moneypenny in Diamond Fever, 1971 Moneypenny, You Are Better Than a Computer. Definitely in some ways, but you don't make use of it. Bond and Miss Moneypenny in The Man with the Golden Gun, 1974 But it must have been a party. Paralyzing, Moneypenny, I fell asleep doing it. Miss Moneypenny and Bond in The Spy Who Loved Me, 1977 James! Moneypenny, you are a feast for my eyes. Miss Moneypenny and Bond in A Deadly Mission, 1981

19 Miss Moneypenny 21 This is Miss Penelope Smallbone, my new assistant. Miss Smallbone. What can I say about that, Moneypenny. I think she is just as attractive and charming as I was once? And still are. You really are a flatterer, James. No, Moneypenny. You know there never was and never will be but you. A nice saying. Miss Moneypenny and Bond in Octopussy, 1983 Well, did you finally get a job, James? Yes, I have moneypenny. I am supposed to eradicate my unbridled way of life. Oh! Just be careful though. Miss Moneypenny and Bond in Never Say Never, 1983 I didn't know you were such a music lover, James. You can stop by and check out my Barry Manilow records anytime. Miss Moneypenny to Bond in The Living Daylights, 1987