Are banner ads effective

So can banner advertisingcomplement your content marketing

Banner advertising on websites is actually nothing else - just modern, chic and digital. It is a great way to advertise effectively on the Internet. The banner advertisement usually appears on websites as soon as the page opens, often at the top of the so-called Header. The banner can also be installed in the middle of an article, at the bottom of the Fooder or at the edge of the page. There are no limits to the placement of a well-made web design.

Various tools and formats are suitable for designing a web banner. The most common are GIF, JPEG, PNG, and HTML5.

You create your banner with these formats

  • The simplest way to build an advertising banner is that JPEG. It is basically just a static image made up of pixels that is displayed on the relevant website.
  • A is also suitable for purely static banner advertising PNG. The advantage over JPEG is that it can also be used to create transparent images or vector graphics. Since they are not based on pixels, they can be compressed without loss.
  • For those who prefer to have “living” banners, this is it GIF The means of choice: Simple animations, which can be a maximum of 150 kB, can be used for banner advertising.
  • Professionals rely on HTML5. The advantages over all other formats are obvious: Since with this format individual elements are assembled to form a complete picture, each of the elements can be animated individually. Regardless of whether the banner is zoomed in, viewed on a desktop or on a smartphone - the image is always razor-sharp.

Banner advertising with HTML5 - the favorite child of design professionals

There is a reason why professional web designers prefer not to use JPEG and Co. for advertising banners. The possibilities offered by the HTML5 format are simply more diverse and safer.

No matter which End device is used - the sharpness, animation and presentation of the banner advertising is reproduced equally on desktop, tablet and smartphone without any loss of quality.

In addition, they are happy search engines via a banner advertisement in HTML5 format. You can more easily identify the pages on which such an advertising banner is installed. An invaluable asset in terms of SEO.

Also with regard to the desired Advertising effect a banner with HTML5 programming proves to be unbeatable. Since individual elements move independently of one another, the eye of the user automatically falls on them. So the message is almost guaranteed to be heard. If you then have the option of interacting with, for example, a call to action button, nothing stands in the way of an extremely high click rate.

Tip: Thrift is the key!

  • When you create your banner ad, it's best to just use it few elements like headings, images and animations. But they should be all the more meaningful.
  • Be also in the choice of Fonts rather cautious - at most two are absolutely sufficient.
  • The same goes for colors. A brightly colored banner advertisement quickly appears unprofessional.

The right content marketing with banner advertising

Experienced marketers know: Before you even place an advertisement, no matter in what form, you have to pinpoint targeting to be created. Because you can only meet them if you know who your target group is, what they love, where they are and which media they use. (How to find your target group)

Then the advertising banner no longer looks like a simple advertisement on a correspondingly suitable website. It is much more likely to be useful by users extra information, as added value perceived.

Tip: Less is more

  • Too many advertising banners on one page are annoying and increase the bouncing rate quite a bit. The same applies if the same banner appears several times on a page.

Where do you best place your banner advertising?

Where the banner is integrated on the website can be crucial for the advertising effect. For example, if the Reading fluency Interrupted by the advertising banner, users can quickly find this unpleasant.

Experience has shown that banner ads are at the top of the page, that is in the header or rightmost achieves the best effect.

However, depending on the product and target group, a not quite as familiar placement as on the left or below can also be possible in the Fooder lead to the desired attention and increase the click rate. It's best to try out several variants.

Simply create banner advertising - it works with these tools

There are plenty of ways to create or customize a banner for your website. The simplest options are the JPEG or PNG formats already mentioned.

Of course, a banner made with HTML5 is more interesting and effective. And it's not as difficult as it sounds at first. Sure, you should bring a little know-how, creativity and time with you.

The following tips can help you when creating your HTML5 banner:

  • The Google Web Designer is a classic desktop application with which banners can be created fairly easily and, above all, free of charge. The tool even offers decent animations that make banner advertising even more effective.
  • Cloud based tools are partly free of charge or can be booked relatively inexpensively. They are great for creating both static and animated HTML5 banners.
  • Ready-made templates on specialized platforms are usually optimized for Google Ads.
  • Professional agencies have the advantage that they know what, how and where they are doing it. In other words, it can be worthwhile to let experts get to work, especially for HTML5 banners. They also save you a long and difficult familiarization period in the corresponding tool.