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Only Hanim's animation was created before the Danish cartoon controversy, but it turns against the insincerity of the self-proclaimed advocates of freedom of the press in the West.

The caricatures were like a repetition of the video clips that had been seen without ceasing since the atrocities of September 11th, a kinetic frenzy of billowing robes, turbans, beards, Kalashnikovs and bombs (or THE bomb).

While she is concerned with Malaysia's difficult and paradoxical approach to modernity, the juggernaut of the capital markets, the bare individualism of the MTV diaspora and the sky-scraping skyscrapers in the center of Kuala Lumpur, Nur Hanim comes across in her immediate Malay surroundings also on an "identity crisis", on alienation and "social uprooting".


s work predates the Danish cartoons controversy, it speaks to the disingenuity of those so-called Western defenders of free speech.

The cartoons were the music video replay that has already been on high rotation since the outrages of September 11, all the kinetic frenzy of flapping robes, turbans, beards, AK47s and bombs (or the Bomb).

While acknowledging Malaysia's prickly and paradoxical embrace of the modern, of the juggernaut of capital-raising investment markets, the naked individualism of MTV's diaspora and the soaring skyscrapers of downtown Kuala Lumpur, Nur Hanim also scrutinises a "crisis of identity", alienation and ' social decentering 'experienced by her immediate Malay community.