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Pinterest for businesses

Now is the time to actually get active on the platform. The right thing Community management As on other social networks, it is crucial to be successful - that is, to expand the reach of your own pins and generate more and more followers. The first step is usually to connect with high-reach users. There is also on Pinterest relevant influencerswho are successful in company-related topics and already have a high reach. It is now important to identify them and, if possible, turn them into followers of your own. The easiest way is to follow them yourself, to repin your pictures and to like the corresponding boards. You can also see them on Pinterest classic interaction of many social networks: If you follow me, then I will follow you.

This makes it relatively easy to draw attention to your own content and hope that the number of followers and re-pins will increase. Another way to make other users aware of your own content is Tagging - that means linking people with the @ sign. The user gets a notification when you contact him in this way, e.g. B. in a caption, tags. This is how he finds his way to the profile. Even if you re-pin the pins of third parties, you can mention users by name, which in turn attracts attention from these people.

At the moment, these and similar tricks are the only way to increase reach through your own efforts. In Germany one is currently waiting for the introduction of the so-called Promoted Pinswhich should make it possible to artificially increase the reach of individual contributions. Until then, daily community management is the central success factor if you want to build a fan base on Pinterest as a company and increase the reach for your pins. Currently, Promoted Pins are only available to advertisers in the US, Canada and the UK.