Where can I find Google Drive links

Share files online (with Google Drive)

Files can be shared under Google Drive in such a way that users without a Google account can also access them. It is then possible to download the files or - depending on the format - view them directly in the browser. We'll show you how to do this below.

In addition to Google, free “web space” is also made available by other providers. Virtual disk space is pretty handy:

  • With Internet access, you have access to your data almost anywhere
  • Loss of data (e.g. due to a hard drive crash) is practically impossible
  • You can share data with other (selected) users without sending them by email

From the applicant's perspective, file sharing is particularly suitable for memory-intensive references, e.g. B. Videos, audio files or high-resolution images.

With online releases, make sure that you 1. protect your personal data and 2. do not violate copyrights and trade secrets! If you want to release application documents, you should only release your documents to a limited extent (and not publicly), e.g. B. through access via a link that you send to trustworthy persons (see below).

To share files with Google Drive with recipients without a Google account, proceed as follows:

  • Highlight the file → right click → Share

  • in the dialog select "Link to release"

  • In the permission settings, keep the default setting "Anyone with the link can view the file"

  • To check the functionality of the link, copy the link from the authorization settings into the address bar of your browser
  • if everything works as expected, copy the link in your application email
  • If necessary, you should point out that the link is only valid for a limited period of time (e.g. 3 months) - this means that the list of authorized users remains manageable and you can prevent possible misuse (someone could e.g. oppose the link Post your will on a public network)
  • You can also only share the link with certain people, but then the authorized person must have a Google account - this means that this option is excluded from the application process from the outset