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They blow again: this time on the clarinet, flute and horn



The principal Raimund Wippermann with the

Last year's winner, the 21 year old tuba player Vikentios Gionanidis 


The Aeolus wind competition has earned the respect of international music greats rather secretly but not at all quietly. With the inclusion of the Düsseldorf wind competition in the Geneva World Federation of International Music Competitions (WFIMC), the Aeolus has already reached the top of international music competitions in the sixth year of its existence.



This means that the competition taking place in the state capital can be seen in the same breath as well-known and traditional Events like the Chopin Competition in Warsaw, the Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow, the ARD Competition in Munich, the Maria Callas GrandPrix in Athens, the van Cliburn Competition in Fort Worth / Texas or the Pure Elisabeth Competition in Belgium deserved to be described as “internationally outstanding”.
Sieghardt Rometsch, idealist and, with his foundation of the same name, also the financial sponsor of Aeolus, sees the admission as an inevitable consequence of a well thought-out, despite all the joy of this recognition Conceptss. From the beginning, special attention was paid to the selection of the jury and top-class experts from practice and teaching were invited to participate. This stringency pays off, as the internationally renowned trombonist Christian Lindberg was welcomed last year.


Eight well-known artists make up the jury


The jury Again from eight well-known artists who underline the excellent reputation of the competition: The flute subject is represented by Professor Andrea Lieberknecht from the Hanover University of Music and Professor Philippe Bernold from the Conservatoire National Superieure de Musique de Paris. The clarinetists are Professor Harri Mäki from the Sibelius Academy Helsinki and Professor Ralph Manno from the University of Music in Cologne on the jury. Professor Markus Maskuniitty from the Hanover University of Music and Professor Will Sanders from the Maastricht University of Music are responsible for the horn. As Rector of the Robert Schumann University, Professor Raimund Wippermann is also a member of the jury. This time Daniel Raiskin, chief conductor of the State Orchestra Rheinische Philharmonie and general music director of the "Artur Rubinstein" Philharmonic in Lodz, will chair the event.
The 6th edition of the Düsseldorf wind competition had another big one resonance. 230 horn players, clarinet players and flutists have applied. The young musicians come from Argentina, Venezuela, Uzbekistan, Norway and Australia, among others. 48 clarinetists, 49 musicians for the flute and 44 for the horn were admitted.


Dr. Sieghard Rometsch on the occasion of last year's award ceremony in the Tonhalle in Düsseldorf


Difficult repertoire required


“Since we expected a lot of registrations for the instruments clarinet and flute, the jury set a very demanding repertoire. In addition, the applicants have to recite all the pieces from the first round by heart, ”explains Sieghardt Rometsch.
Performing by heart can be a problem for the young wind players and it has also happened that someone made it to the finals and had to find out there that they had no chance. And for a very simple reason. In underestimating one's own Can s he wasn't prepared for it with his repertoire. In addition, the Düsseldorf Symphony Orchestra will be played in the final with the strong orchestra and playing with such a large orchestra is not a matter of course for every one of these young talents.
And yet apply to Aeolus still other rules. The focus is not on technical skills, but on the artistic personality and the interpretation of the piece of music in demand. "This fine distinction to other competitions is important to me," said Rometsch, because his concern, formulated in the foundation's goal, is to promote young creative talent.


► The competition, which is organized by the Robert Schumann University and the Sieghardt Rometsch Foundation, will take place from September 21 to 25 in Düsseldorf on the premises of the university. Prize money totaling € 30,000 awaits the winners, including the coveted audience award, which will be awarded by visitors to this extraordinary concert on the occasion of the publicly held final concert in the Tonhalle on September 25th.

Irmgard Ruhs-Woitschützke



he jury of the 6th International Aeolus Wind Competition awarded a flutist and a horn player a second prize. A first prize was not awarded after the final concert in the Düsseldorf Tonhalle.


Photo: Susanne Diesner

The Englishman Alec Frank-Gemmill (Center) delighted in a horn concerto by Richard Strauss and the Japanese Seiya Ueno (right) convinced with a work for flute and orchestra by Jaques Ibert. Both will receive prize money of 7,000 euros. The Russian is delighted with the 3rd prize of 6,000 euros and the audience prize of 2,000 euros Sergey Eletskiy (left), who performed a clarinet concerto by Carl Maria von Weber. The two special prizes for the best interpretation of contemporary music went to Seiya Ueno and the horn player Yoichi Murakami from Japan. ruwoi