Some good books to read

Nine books that you should definitely read when you are over 40

Nobody needs a literary canon anymore, one thing is clear: But the books we are introducing to you now are really awesome. For a variety of reasons ...

There are simply books that take you further in life. Because they have a very special message, because we can learn something from them or because they are really fun. We have selected seven very special and really good specimens that actually always work - but will mainly interest women around or over 40.

1. "My gentle twin" by Nino Harativili. Why? Because it is incredibly well written and with the story about the siblings of Ivo and Stella you get three things delivered at once: a crime thriller, a thriller and a love story. Great drama and deep abysses, the extent of which you probably only understand from a certain age.

2. "Fuck Beauty" by Nunu Kaller. Why? Because it is a clever book that explains why we are just as beautiful as we are - and why we shouldn't be told otherwise. Though it is tried all the time. 96 percent of all women worldwide have something to complain about, only four percent think they are really beautiful. Reading might help.

3. "Anna Karenina" by Leo Tolstoy. Why? Because it's a classic that's worth it. Also, much easier to read than "War and Peace", for example. It still sounds smart if you know it and it's also a really, really gripping story.

4. "From the end of loneliness" from Benedict Wells. Why? Because it's infinitely sad, but so wonderful that you miss something if you haven't read it. The fact that the author was just 30 when this book was published is absolutely secondary, because the book contains so much wisdom that you can't really believe that the guy is even a day younger than us.

5. "Single Mom: What It Really Means to Be a Single Parent" by Caroline Rosales. Why? Because it is of course particularly interesting for single parents, but also for everyone who will or do not want to become one. And most of them split up between 30 and 40. It's also honest, entertaining and encouraging at the same time.

6. "There Are No Grown-Ups. A Midlife of Coming-of-Age-Story" by Pamela Druckerman. Why?We have known that Pamela Druckerman is a bank when it comes to smart entertainment since "Why French children are no pain in the ass". Anyone who knows and liked this should definitely read Druckerman's new book. - but all the others too. It's very wise, funny and extremely sincere about life as "fortysomething". We even do that in English, at least as long as the whole thing is not yet available in German.

7. "My ingenious girlfriend" by Elena Ferrante. Why?For everyone who has not yet started the quadrology about the two Italian friends: Now is exactly the right time. Best of all, there are three others that you can read right after.

8. "Down around free" from Margarete Stokowski. Why? Actually, you should read this book at 14 and not at 40. Unfortunately, that didn't exist there yet. Spiegel online columnist Margarete Stokowski tells what it's like to grow up as a girl in Germany. A really provocative plea for change that we can then also give to our daughters.

9. "Mommy needs a drink. Diary of an exhausted mother" by Gill Sims. Why?The title alone is very inviting and understanding, doesn't it ?! Aren't we all a little exhausted? And don't we (almost) all need a drink? Well, then you know about it.

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