What are the benefits of eating plums

You should keep this in mind when buying plums

When shopping, make sure that the plums are colored blue all around, that they are firm, have a pleasant smell and are free of mold.

The white film on the plum peel is by no means a residue of pesticides, but a natural and undamaged protective layer that should not be damaged when you buy it. So wash your plums just before you eat them, otherwise this protective layer will be destroyed and the fruit will spoil more quickly.

If you press the plum lightly with one finger and it gives way, it is ideally ripe to be eaten.

When it comes to prunes, you should definitely opt for unsulphurized organic products, as the sulphurisation of vitamins such as B. Vitamin B1 are destroyed. In addition, sulfur residues can lead to headaches, nausea and stomach problems in sensitive people and even trigger asthma attacks.

In addition, conventional dried fruits are often fumigated with methyl bromide to kill pests, a neurotoxin, the residues of which not everyone attaches importance to.

Plums are hardly contaminated with pesticides

According to various sources, the plum is one of the less contaminated types of fruit. According to an investigation by the Bavarian State Office for Health and Food Safety the plum stands out very positively in comparison to the other stone fruit types such as peach, apricot and Co.

The plums had by far the lowest average pesticide content per sample and also contained the lowest average number of residues. Almost a fifth of the plum samples were free from residues, even though they came from conventional cultivation. Nevertheless, the fruits should be washed thoroughly before consumption.

If you want to be on the safe side, you should opt for organic plums - the organic samples met all requirements.

This is how plums should be stored

Plums ripen at room temperature. However, if the plums are already ripe, they will be most comfortable in the refrigerator and will keep there for up to one and a half weeks. Plums can also be frozen wonderfully. It is recommended that the fruit be pitted and cut in half beforehand. When it storms and snows in the cold season, it is a real pleasure to conjure up an enjoyable summer feeling on the table.


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