What is the future of Africa

The future of Africa

The other story

Africans, who are getting poorer and poorer, try to escape an increasing misery on their continent and therefore end up in rubber dinghies in Greece and Italy. This is the story we tell each other.

But we should take a closer look. Because more and more people in Africa are emerging from poverty, they no longer have to be subsistence farmers in the centuries-old tradition, they can suddenly change their social position, more and more of them are taking their fate into their own hands and trying their luck in distant Europe, for example .

Europe is and will remain a major attraction. Because the differences in prosperity persist despite the positive development, they are just not quite as huge as before.

When our media reports of heartbreaking individual fates, it is all too easy to lose sight of the big picture: the growing together of the world and the associated increase in material prosperity in almost all parts of the world.

Nobel laureate Angus Deaton describes this as the "flight of humanity from poverty and disease". In meticulous scientific work, he examined the development of prosperity in African countries as well.

There is one behind it increasing division of labor, increasing trade and increasing networking as a millennia-old constant in human history. Now this development has finally been raised to a global level and has also reached the African countries.