Are pottery and terracotta archaeological sources

Completed master's theses

This page shows the master theses completed at the Institute for Archaeological Sciences since 2008.

Academic year 2017/2018

  • Isabell Becker: "Celtic and Gallo-Roman temple - genesis and development"
  • Patricia Bock: "Bronze Age settlement in the mining zones of the Mitterberg area"
  • Daniel Brandes: "The Neolithic and Iron Age site in Frödenberg, in Sundern"
  • Hanna Yaa Bruns: "The late antique sword graves between the Rhine and the Somme"
  • Bastian-Alexander Hohendahl: "Iron Age gates in the German low mountain range"
  • Mira de Jonghe: "Adoration of saints and memory space in early Christianity"
  • Laura Nazim: “Caere. Investigations into the funeral furnishings of graves 44, 91, 266, 454 and 525 of the Etruscan necropolis Monte Abatone "
  • Christopher Otto: "Representation conventions of the terracotta army in the grave complex of the sublime first emperor of Qin"
  • Sören Pfeiffer: "Stories about late Mycenaean ceramics"
  • Julia Pygoch: “Miletus urban space. An investigation of the inner-city road connections by means of network analysis "
  • Anna-Lisa Rosenthal: “Groß Strömkendorf, Birka and Haithabu. Structure and development of selected early medieval trading centers in the Baltic Sea region "
  • Thomas Schneider: “Amazons in sepulchral art of the 5th and 4th centuries BC. Chr. "
  • Tobias Skowronek: “Sourcing Steatite. On the provenance of white pigments in the wall painting of Tell el-Da'ba "
  • Simone Sommer: "The treasure trove of Neupotz - attempt at a re-evaluation"
  • Kamilla Stuka: "Boat graves of the Vendel era in Sweden"


Academic year 2016/2017

  • Annette Babetzki: "Grave mounds as identity-creating monuments of a" ritual landscape "of the Bronze and Iron Ages in the area of ​​the" Heidentore "near Egesheim"
  • Nadine Funk: "The labyrinth of Minos and other myths in Cretan coinage"
  • Sophie Herzhoff: “The arrowheads from Miletus. A classification in the Iron Age arrowhead horizon "
  • Jann Höller: "Needles from the sanctuary of Olympia compared to those from southern Italy and Sicily"
  • Linnéa Naumann: "The ceramics from Mastau Baj (East Kazakhstan)"
  • Tatiana Neumann: "Dynamics of urban development in the vicinity of amphitheatres in Italian cities"
  • Dorina Rehbein: "Female curves: structure and design of Cypriot 'bird-shaped' figurines"
  • Kevin Spathmann: “The Cyclades from 12.-10. Century B.C.E. Findings-analytical overview "
  • Jennifer Zimni: "Hallstatt Periodic Vessel Sentences in SW Germany and Northern Switzerland between Ha C and Ha D1: Approaches to a Sociological and Religious-Historical Interpretation"


Academic year 2015/2016

  • Pia Berendes: "Studies on settlement dynamics in the North Sea region 400–1000"
  • Dorothea Csitneki: "Jerash-bowls"
  • Carolin Feth: "Polished floors in Neolithic settlements in the Middle East"
  • Felix Klein: “The settlement in the Ramsau valley on the Dürrnberg near Hallein. Evaluation of the findings from the excavation 1988–1989 "
  • Andreas Knäpper: "The medieval settlement Brilon-Alme"
  • Sven Knippschild: "The Balder Myth in Archeology"
  • Mirijam Kötter: "The medieval finds from Hagen-Herbeck"
  • Roland John Lavalle: "The Hallstatt period grave group at Simonbauernfeld (Dürrnberg near Hallein)"
  • Ingmar Luther: “South Westphalian cave sites in the Iron Age. Approaches to an interpretation "
  • Sonja Malewski: "Early Medieval Email - Between East and West"
  • Linnéa Naumann: "The ceramics of the Mastau Baj settlement (East Kazakhstan)"
  • Julia Schürrer: "Living in the Early Middle Ages - Findings and Constructs"
  • Beate Sikorski: "The findings of the Heidentor of Egesheim and the settlement history in the pre-Roman Iron Age"
  • Sabrina Szlavik: "From Schretzheim to Odratzheim: structures of Alemannic burial grounds in comparison"


Academic year 2014/2015

  • Ugursay Seltan Acar: "Urartean iron finds from Ernis and Karagündüz, Eastern Anatolia"
  • Daniel Demant: "The further processing of iron products on the latène-period smelter sites"
  • Lisa Dziobaka: "Classic round sculpture in Rome"
  • Rebecca Foggin: “Corpora debilia ex palo: repudiated, killed, eliminated? Damaged bodies from the moor "
  • Eicke Granser: “Phoenician-Greek cohabitation on Pithekussai. Just a nice idea? "
  • Annika Kaffille: "The probe finds from Porta-Westfalica Veltheim: An attempt at a methodical approach"
  • Kim Annika Kittig: "The orientalizing phase of Crete from a post-colonial perspective"
  • Maximilian Nottebrock: “The Athena sanctuary in Lindos on Rhodes in archaic times. The figurative sculpture "
  • Julia Ricken: "The women on the early medieval burial ground of Waging am See"
  • Lisa Steinmann: "The geometric and subgeometric epoch in the Heraion of Samos: contextualizing ceramic finds from the 2012 and 2013 campaigns"
  • Marianne Talma: “The application of black-patinated alloys in the Eastern Mediterranean: technology and technology transfer”
  • Kira Vosen: "Hochdorf: Manufacturing and furnishing practice of a late Hallstatt splendid grave based on selected additions"


Academic year 2013/2014

  • Becker, Nico: "The surrounding wall of the Chalcolithic settlement Hujayrat Al-Ghuzlan and its importance for the southern Levant"
  • Kluwe, Sabrina: "The Bronze Age ceramics from the Höch (Gem. St. Johann) excavation in the context of the economic goods in the copper mining area of ​​the Salzach-Pongau"
  • Linnemann, Björn: "The imperial finds from the Borken-West excavation"
  • Müller-Kissing, Milena: "The finds of the southeastern Spanish El Argar culture (Siret collection) and their chronology"
  • Nowak-Mohr, Katharina: "The sacrificial place of the Heidentor of Egesheim in the mirror of its small finds"
  • Odijk, Florian: “The late La Tène hill settlement on Karlstein in Bad Reichenhall. A research history approach to 120 years of archaeological and historical research "
  • Schlüss, Katharina: "Imports in Greek geometric graves"
  • Schröder, Jona: "The finds from the old Emscher near Castrop-Ickern"
  • Sprung, Antje: "Archaeological and analytical investigations into the origin of Iron Age amber objects"
  • Falls, Tobias: "Studies on the older Iron Age of Westphalia"
  • Wernicka, Natalia: "Anthropomorphic representations of the early Slavic period"


Academic year 2012/2013

  • Daniela Holzschuh: "Studies on the Acculturation of the Lombards"
  • Joanna Münster: "The imperial finds of the excavations 1984/85 and 2008-10 in Malbork / Wielbark"
  • Milena Kreft: "The finds of the southeastern Spanish El Argar culture (Siret coll.) And their chronology"
  • Sandra Studniarz: "The Roman ceramics from Lüderich"


Academic year 2011/2012

  • Vanessa Breu: "Elites and Followers: Noble Tombs of the 7th and 8th Centuries"
  • Benedikt Gräfingholt: "Obsidian projectile points in the Palpa Region, Peru"
  • Jan Hendrik Hartung: "Thebai an der Mykale"
  • Stefanie Menic: "The Latency forge in Wilnsdorf-Rudersdorf / Höllenrain in the Siegen-Wittgenstein district"
  • Vera Moor-Stepanov: "Figurative terracottas from the Kepoi necropolis"
  • Johannes Müller-Kissing: "The Bronze Age and Iron Age burial ground of Hausen, Kr. Offenbach"
  • Phillip Neuhaus: "The Bronze Age and Early Iron Age ceramics from the settlement excavation in Wróblowice, Poland"
  • Sebastian Senczek: "The Hallstatt period settlement of Velburg"


Academic year 2010/2011

  • Rebecca Breu: "Depictions of animals on Germanic metalwork of the late 4th century"
  • Manuel Buczka: “The Middle Neolithic in Soest. An analysis of the sites Am Ardey, Rüenstert and Am Brinkenkamp "
  • Nina Grijsen: “Blacksmiths and metalworkers from the Copper and Bronze Ages, with a particular focus on the Netherlands. Investigation of the social position taking into account archaeological, ethnographic and historical sources "


Academic year 2009/2010

  • Anne Widura: "The board game in Iron Age Scandinavia - a diachronic comparison"
  • Annika Busching: "Early Ionic clay roofs with special consideration of the archaic Panionion"
  • Tim Glörfeld: "The urn grave field of Geseke"


Academic year 2008/2009

  • Björn Buik: "The imperial settlement in the urban area of ​​Paderborn"
  • Annika Busching: "Early Ionic clay roofs with special consideration of the archaic Panionion"
  • Saskia Müller: “Redwald's friends? Continental and Scandinavian in the tomb of Sutton hoo "
  • Christoph Kremer: "The ceramics of the Latène period industrial settlement in the Ramsau valley on the Dürrnberg near Hallein"
  • Frank Hulek: "Mycenae in Lower Italy"
  • Linda M. Kolla: "Ionic bent rim bowls from the archaic Panionion"
  • Anja Kramer: "Neolithization Models in the Carpathian Region: Theories and Data"
  • Ute Malcharzcyk-Schätte: "The Iron Age Settlement of Christianseck"
  • Kerstin Otto: "On the continuity problem at the end of the Bronze Age Barrows"
  • Jennifer Piehl: "The Iron Age settlement of Dortmund-Wickede"
  • Sabine Thomsen: "Late antique hoard finds in the Imperium and Barbaricum"