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I was one of the few people who didn't really think much of the first film - I perceive the constant breaking through the fourth wall as a constant tearing out of the film illusion, furthermore the constantly babbling antihero was immensely exhausting for me. So I approached episode two with great skepticism and was all the more surprised: Wade Wilson is still chatting with the viewer, but much less and the film tries to tell a real story. This is ultimately a superhero plot in the well-known manner, but a satisfactory one. You can't really complain about the rest of the presentation, the action effects and actors are right so far, and there is still the HUmor, which is not for everyone, but has some incredibly good punchlines and hits. That means that the second round of the avenger turns out to be extremely satisfactory and is the ideal material for a loud cinema party! Conclusion: Action-packed, funny, and more straightforward than its predecessor - very successful sequel!
I have already seen the film in advance through the press and I think that the evaluation of film starts is completely unjustified and therefore does not do the film justice. The film is filled with even more action, more blood, great new camera scenes that have never been seen before, a lot of humor and a lot of wit, even more than the first part. Since the press saw the film in English, of course I can't say how the jokes will come across in German, but I think just as well as in the original sound. I don't want to say much more about the story itself and the camera melee scenes themselves and I agree that the film starts are very successful. I would like to go into 2 scenes much more. There were 2 big laughs under the press in the hall: A scene relatively in the middle of the film where everyone really laughed which, in order not to reveal too much, has to do with the division of Deadpool in terms of body parts and the subsequent regrowing body has to do and where his as for him a "mother" again plays with I mean of course the blind Blind Al played by Leslie Uggams an important role. She has to get to know Deadpool's 2 distinct, slightly disturbing way again without having to reveal too much, but there was really a lot to laugh about in this scene and really made the whole room roar. And then there was the Post Credits scene, infamous and well-known for Marvel, which comes relatively at the beginning of The Credits, which alludes to Ryan Reynolds himself as an actor, but I don't want to reveal too much here. Here too there were great laughs and even applause in the hall: - Well, the criticism here was not fair for the film. I can recommend the film 4.5 out of 5 stars :-)
Best film so far this year. The film is fun and unique. Great effects and just great.
The positive: More speed, more gags and (even) more disrespectful irony than in the first part. The negative: Less story, less tension, less development. The fact that the bottom line still remains a clear recommendation is due to the humor and the mass (!) Of allusions to other films, so I'm ready to overlook a serious logic gap at the beginning.
When I saw the first part a second time, I found it nowhere near as funny as the first time in the cinema. In my opinion, many gags only work once. And that's the problem with Deadpool 2. You already knew a lot of sayings and gags from the first part. They were just reissued. The significantly better action scenes don't help either. Too bad.
Here the film does a lot more better than its predecessor, which is probably due to the fact that this film has significantly better action and effects. Also, some scenes turned out to be quite funny and with Josh Brolin you have a really cool opponent at the start. Even if the metahumor doesn't really ignite, this part has significantly better strengths, which it plays out more successfully than its disappointing predecessor.
It almost looks like an invasion. An invasion of comic book adaptations. The cinemas are currently firmly in Marvel hands. After “Avenger”, “Deadpool 2” is now pressing towards the cinema-goers with all its might. But there is a subtle difference. While the "Avenger" want to be taken deadly serious, "Deadpool 2" comes as a big satire on the screen. “DEADPOOL is the apple of oranges when it comes to superheroes. The hero is disrespectful. He despises himself. He's goofy, childish, violent and annoying. He's all of those things that other superheroes aren't. He's not even a real superhero. He's the antihero among superheroes. " That's what the superhero says about himself. And with that, the story from "Deadpool 1" continues seamlessly. Wade Wilson's alias Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) has personal troubles. His girlfriend VANESSA (MORENA BACCARIN) dies in a robbery and he decides to put an end to his life. He tries to kill himself with several barrels of gasoline and a cigarette. But thanks to its indestructibility, that doesn't work. His buddy X-Men Colossus (Andre Tricoteux) then takes him to the mutants, where he meets Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand) again. Joined by the teenager Mutant Russell (Julian Dennison), who travels as a firefist to kill his hated school principal. The super villain Cable (Josh Brolin), on the other hand, wants to get down to the leather. Deadpool can defuse the situation. Soon afterwards he finds himself in jail with Firefist. As soon as he escaped prison, he put together his own superhero troop under the name X-Force. Now the showdown can begin. The whole strip is spiced up with cool sayings borrowed from a series of classic films. At a density that can hardly be followed. In addition, a number of musical catchy tunes make the optical constant beating more bearable. The somewhat weak script is not that important anymore, because the very well designed closing credits still offer some surprises that should not be missed. 109 minutes - popcorn for the eyes for the freaks of cinematic comics.
Bad Ass, Smart Ass, Great Ass, the antihero Deadpool is back and he's not coming alone (X). Lots of allusions and Easter eggs from the MCU and DCEU. The mercenary with the cheeky snout Wade Wilson breaks through the fourth wall again and babbles the audience with a lot of nonsense. Not as surprising as its better predecessor, but just as action-packed, bloody, humorous, perverse and with plenty of great soundtracks. R.I.P to Old Man Logan, the ridiculous Deadpool from (X-Men Origins: Wolverine) and Ryan Reynolds as the poorly animated Green Lantern.
"Deadpool 2" turned out to be as good for me as one would have expected from this series of films. In places very flat and also simply boring. Only from the middle of the film on is tension and action built up. The story is ok, but nothing more.
In the second part of the constantly babbling super "hero" Deadpool, the man in the red and black suit also has to fight losses. But not only that: while he seeks revenge, the soldier Cable (Josh Brolin) is up to mischief ... Nowadays, a cinema program without a superhero film (or Star Wars) is no longer possible. While there is often a lot of uniformity, something completely different came into the cinemas with the first Deadpool. The film knew how to convince the masses and was a phenomenal success. Not only because of the high level of violence (FSK16), but because he was able to stand out from the crowd with his puns and allusions. Even Deadpool 2 is amused by this success and is thinking about Wolverine's last adventure "Logan" from 2017, which also went into the cinemas with FSK16. It was therefore foreseeable that a second part would follow. But unfortunately the film is a disappointment. While part 1, apart from its constant fireworks of innuendos and jokes, still lived out a certain independence and told us about the creation of the Deadpool, part 2 is a big mess. As a viewer, you never really know what this is all about. Is it now about his heroic deeds (fighting the Yakuza and all sorts of things), his revenge, Cable, or is it still about the young mutant "Flame Fist"? In between, the X-Force is created without further ado. You can also say goodbye to them quickly. And in between, the X-Men stop by (including me-too debate!). As a non-connoisseur of this gigantic universe, you will certainly be overwhelmed here ... unfortunately also as a connoisseur. The only bright spot in this cloudy fog is Josh Brolin's intensely played warhorse Cable. It gives the film a certain depth and shape. By the way, a real coolness. Of course, you only wait too patiently for allusions to your other mega-villain Thanos. Another bright spot is the young Berliner Zazie Beetz. As the lucky fairy Domino, she is damn cool. She always relies on her luck and this is always there from a very funny point of view. If you briefly fade out the flat plot and sometimes very annoying (flame fist !!!) plot, director David Leitch serves us hilarious dialogues and allusions to everything! There is even no stopping at the opposing DC Universe. Here too, of course, prior knowledge is required. Even if a lot causes a few laughs, some things are placed inappropriately. Some jokes (Basic Instict) clearly go below the belt and as a spectator you sometimes hit both hands in front of your face. CONCLUSION: Deadpool 2 is not a movie in a sense. It's much more of a huge YouTube video with thousands of allusions. So they tried to hide the stupid plot. Even if Ryan Reynolds had a lot of fun at work, the film is more of a rollercoaster of emotions. In one scene you laugh yourself limp and in the next you think about leaving the hall. At least the film itself makes no secret of it ...
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