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Explanation of terms

Culture encompasses everything that man has created. By "culture" we also understand the way people live together.

On a lonely island

Imagine that you end up with some people on a lonely island that no one has ever set foot on. First of all, you will surely explore the island and then discuss what you have to do to survive - for example picking fruit, catching fish, looking for sources of drinking water, building tools and huts. But how do you catch fish? Who brings the water? How do you spend your free time? What do you do when there is an argument? In time you will make rules together to organize your coexistence in a peaceful way. You develop a culture of coexistence.

Shaping the world

A social order therefore belongs to culture. But language, religion, economy, dealing with nature, art objects, music, literature, traditions and customs are also part of human culture - everything that people have done themselves with their hands, their intelligence and their imagination.


"Culture" is also used in biology when, for example, plants are grown on certain soils or bacteria or other types of cells are used with suitable methods, for example in order to use them for pest control or in drug research.

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