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Butcher is not just someone who kills an animal
"The one who gives his consent to the killing of an animal, the one who cuts it into pieces, the one who kills it, the buyer and the seller, the one who prepares it, the one who serves it and the one who eats it - everyone they are named as the butcher of an animal and suffer the same karma."

Consider the origin of the flesh
"Meat cannot be obtained without injuring or killing an animal, and the murder of animals excludes the murderer from heaven, therefore meat must be avoided. By asking about the origin of flesh and about (the sin of) hurting, If he thinks about shackling or killing living creatures, he must refrain from eating any kind of animal. "

Everlasting happiness to the Merciful
"He who hurts animals that hurt no one just to bring joy to his appetite will never get happiness, alive or dead. He who deliberately does not inflict the pain of shackling or killing (or injuring) any living being out of benevolence towards all (creatures) will enjoy everlasting happiness. Whatever he thinks about, whatever he strives for and whatever he desires in his heart, all of this is easily obtained by him who does not injure any created being. "

High reward for avoiding meat
"By eating (wild rice and other) sacred fruits or roots, and living on the grain as the hermits eat, a person cannot get as high a reward as by avoiding meat."

Health to the vegetarian
He who does not transgress the law and does not eat meat like a pisaka [devil] is loved by people and remains free from disease.

Quotes from the books of A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

A devotee is by nature a vegetarian
A devotee is inherently non-violent and therefore does not need to practice non-violence separately. Some people seek purification by joining a vegetarian movement, but a devotee is automatically a vegetarian. He doesn't need to practice this or join any vegetarian society. He's automatically a vegetarian.

Vegetarian festival
Animal sacrifices are not a license to kill
Despite all the advances in material science, no one can create a living being, and therefore no one has the right to capriciously kill a living being. The scriptures allow certain animal sacrifices for those desperate to eat animals, but such allowances are only to prevent slaughterhouses from opening, and not to encourage animal slaughter.

The global impact
The material world is in itself a place of fear, and by encouraging the slaughter of animals, people are only exposed to greater ruin from wars, plagues, famines, and many other undesirable calamities.

Humans don't have to kill animals
Killing animals for the taste of the tongue is the grossest form of ignorance. There is no need for a human being to kill animals because God has provided so many beautiful things. If someone indulges in eating meat anyway, then it must be understood that he is acting in ignorance and that his future looks very dark. Of all kinds of animal killing, the killing of cows is most reprehensible because the cow gives us all kinds of pleasures through its milk.

Govinda - protector of the cows

The particular sin of killing cows
There are concessions for meat eaters in the Vedic scriptures. It is said that if one wants to eat meat, he should kill a goat in front of the goddess Kali and then eat its meat. Meat eaters are not allowed to buy meat from a market or slaughterhouse. There are no concessions to running a regular slaughterhouse to please the tongues of meat-eaters. As for the killing of cows, it is completely forbidden. Since the cow is considered a mother [since she gives her milk to humans], how can the Vedas allow cows to be killed?

Killing animals is unnecessary

If we have enough milk, nuts, honey, grains, fruits, vegetables and herbs, where is the need to run a slaughterhouse and kill poor animals? A man need not kill an animal if he has enough grain and vegetables to eat.

"What you avoid to suffer yourself, do not try to do to others. Therefore do not do anything that you do not want, that one should do to you. With the measure with which you measure you will be measured again (Luke 6:38), that is why do not judge that you will not be judged (Matthew 7: 1) "