Guys find septum piercings attractive

Really trendy
Septum piercing: More and more women are wearing nose rings

BERLIN - Whether in the supermarket at the cash register, at the reception or on TV: our Berliners are also wearing nose jewelry more and more often. The so-called septum is a real eye-catcher in everyday life. But how do employers react? Not only that told me model Celina Borowski, who should know.

A lady was sitting across from me on subway line 5 and was wearing this nose ring, as was her boyfriend. In the supermarket, "my" saleswoman, who herself wore such a piercing, told me that this jewelry is called a septum. The Aztecs (Mesoamerican civilization between the 14th and 16th centuries) and Mayans wore it for religious reasons. Today body jewelry continues to have a special tradition in Africa and Asia. And from Hellersdorf all the way down to Lichterfelde, more and more young women in particular are proudly wearing the former trendy jewelry of the 90s in their noses. Even if some spoil it as "snot bell" - the septum remains a great accessory without question. But also at work? I followed up on these and other questions and met a septum model.

Celina's first piercing was when she was 13

When Celina Borowski walks from Friedrichshain over to Kreuzberg's Wrangelkiez, no one looks at her strangely. Friends and parts of the family live in Berlin, she has her job in a tranquil small town in Hesse; Celina was born in the countryside in Thuringia. But the 19-year-old doesn't even cause a stir in small towns with her nose ring. "Now I have to say, I don't think the septum is special anymore. Every second person is wearing it now," Celina told me. "But I can't bring myself to take him out. All my friends then say that I look weird without them."

Celina started with tattoos and piercings very early. At 13 she got her first piercing, a helix (worn on the edge of the ear). This was followed by the self-made tattoo "MAMA" on the leg. "Because I wasn't allowed to, I had to do it secretly at the time." She did not let the word "MAMA" be overpowered, but turned it into a picture. Celina started modeling when she was 18, with a lot of tattoos under her shirt. Your skin complexions are aesthetic, sexy, but never too frivolous. "It is precisely because of my skin disease that I like to take pictures that are a bit revealing, also to prove to people with skin diseases that they don't need to hide and are beautiful even with broken skin."

Blowing your nose with a septum - does it work?

Celina has been wearing her eye-catching nose ring for three years. "I had my septum made for me when I was 16. The normal size is 1.2 millimeters, but since I like to attract attention, I stretched my septum to 2.5 millimeters." Doesn't that hurt? I asked Celina. "Of 21 piercings, that was the only thing I didn't notice, although it is said to be very painful."

How is it actually with a cold and blowing your nose with a septum? "Believe it or not, with a septum you still blow your nose normally (laughs). What's just strange: When it's cold, the septum gets damp and starts to drip. No, that's not nasal mucus, just plain Moisture. That's pretty disgusting for some and very strange. But I can deal with that. "

Some guests are already complaining

Incidentally, today Celina advises young people against starting the septum too early. "I don't believe in the fact that many people are already under 18. I made this mistake." Celina recommends young people who want to have their noses pierced first to see what they want to do for a living and whether nose jewelry is allowed in the industry. "If you don't, you have to take the nose ring out again and the hole will probably grow again or you will have the visible holes, which is not that popular either."

Celina is an employee in a hotel, recently passed her exam and works there in the restaurant and reception. "During working hours, I fold my septum up my nose and leave the rest of my piercings in." Your employer has no problem with that. And what about the guests? "Some find it extremely interesting and ask me a lot of questions about it. Other guests also complain. But especially in the hotel industry it is now the case that many things are no longer put on the gold scales - otherwise they could, I think, shut down (laughs). "

What employers say about the nose ring

And how do other companies treat their employees' noses? Are employees in Berlin allowed to wear a septum?

The spokesman for the Rewe Group: "Our employees are as different as our customers. For this reason, we have no guidelines for hair color, piercings, tattoos, etc. The only requirement that we give our employees is a well-groomed appearance."

Phillip Winter, CMO / Head of Marketing at a & o hostels wrote to me: "a & o likes to strike the right balance between personal style and safe and appropriate work clothing. Piercings and jewelry are allowed, provided that hygiene or health and safety regulations do not contradict it, for example in the kitchen - i.e. in areas where Food play a role - it can be the case. We want our employees to have their own style while at the same time creating the right atmosphere for our guests and meeting the requirements of a service environment. "

Also Kaufland is very tolerant of the septum - a spokeswoman by e-mail: "For Kaufland, the focus is on customers and a pleasant shopping experience. As long as this and compliance with hygiene regulations are guaranteed, we have no objections to piercings. Employees who work with machines, the work safety regulations must be observed. This also applies to long chains, hair accessories, rings, loose clothing, etc. and is a matter of course. "

For the celebrities, nose rings are all the rage

Piercings and rings have long been popular in front of the camera. Liza Waschke is known from the RTL2 series "Berlin - Tag & Nacht" and not only wears the nose ring in her TV role. The 29-year-old influencer can be seen in almost every photo on Instagram with her nose jewelry. A trademark is the nose ring for Sara Pétursdóttir - known by her stage name Glowie - for a long time: The 22-year-old always appears in her clips and at live concerts with jewelry in her nose.