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Mathematics and Computer Science - these are the subjects that can be studied at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at the FernUniversität. Combining them within a faculty results in a common range of courses that goes beyond the narrow subject boundaries and enables interdisciplinary studies.


Thanks to the focus on high scientific standards and the interlinking of teaching and research, the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science has a broad research landscape with many subject-related and interdisciplinary research focuses.

Bachelor courses

The undergraduate degrees that you can acquire in the courses at the faculty include the B.Sc. Mathematics, the B.Sc. Computer Science, the B.Sc. Mathematical-technical software development as well as the B.Sc. Business Informatics.

Masters courses

Building on a corresponding bachelor's degree, you can take a Master of Science degree in the M.Sc. Mathematics, M.Sc Computer Science and M.Sc. Acquire business informatics. The M.Sc. Practical IT is also open to career changers.

further education

A special offer at the FernUniversität is the academy course. Almost the entire range of courses is available to those interested without having to enroll in a course. In addition, the FernUniversität offers practical computer-based or web-based training within the framework of media-supported training.

Do a doctorate at the faculty

In addition to the bachelor's and master's degree (and the diploma, which is to be terminated), there is also the option of a doctorate. The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science awards both the degree of Doctor of Engineer (Dr.-Ing.) And Doctor of Natural Sciences (Dr. rer.nat.).

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