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Affiliate Marketing Analysis

Would you like to use the large reach of an affiliate network to increase the awareness of your products? Would you like to implement affiliate marketing with the best possible publishers? Or has your affiliate marketing currently collapsed? With a thorough affiliate marketing analysis, we lay an important foundation for further growth and sustainable success, both for the start with affiliate marketing and for existing campaigns. A clever affiliate marketing analysis of various aspects brings potential to the fore, shows new sales channels and enables informed decisions to be made in order to sell more online. We offer you a comprehensive affiliate marketing analysis that shows specific recommendations for action and optimization potential. With us you invest in clever affiliate marketing and sustainable digital success.

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Affiliate Marketing Definition, Functionality & Benefits: Briefly Explained

Affiliate Marketing Definition

Affiliate Marketing is a sales model that consists of a network of several publishers who advertise for merchants or integrate their advertising material into their websites. The publishers receive a commission for arranging previously defined conversions (traffic, leads, sales). As a rule, billing takes place via Pay per Click (PPC), Pay per Lead (PPL) or Pay per Sale (PPS).

How Affiliate Marketing Works

As an advertiser (merchant, advertiser) you provide the affiliate (publisher) with an "advertising package" - consisting of advertising materials such as banners, images, logos, advertising texts and affiliate links to track the conversion. The affiliate integrates this advertising material into his website - for example as an advertising banner or in the form of a text. If a website visitor clicks on the affiliate link, he will be redirected to the landing page you have provided. If there is a conversion, the affiliate receives his commission.

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Reasons for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is popular with advertisers for many reasons, but most importantly because there is no financial risk involved. Because the affiliate's commission is only paid when the agreed conversion is completed. As a marketing instrument, affiliate marketing is extremely transparent and low-risk. With the selection of the right publisher, a good reach and acceptance among the target group can be achieved. This enables further goals such as increasing conversions, sales promotion, new customer acquisition, customer loyalty and branding to be achieved. Affiliate marketing is definitely a useful addition to a clever online marketing mix. However, as an advertiser, you must note that affiliate marketing is not a sure-fire success, but rather the management of publishers, the control and design of campaigns, advertising materials and landing pages requires time, personnel and know-how.


When is affiliate marketing worthwhile? If...

  • You want to build a product or a brand.
  • You want to increase conversion.
  • Your ad campaigns are not achieving the desired reach / conversion.
  • Your ad campaigns devour excessive advertising costs without being effective.
  • You are already doing affiliate marketing, but want to "get more out".
  • You are looking for a transparent way to boost your sales.
  • The potential of SEA campaigns has been exploited.
  • You don't want to take any financial risk.


Why should you invest in an affiliate marketing analysis?

Not only in affiliate marketing, but also in other areas of online marketing, we notice time and again that companies proceed without a defined strategy and appropriate measures - and then get annoyed about failures and burned budgets. With a comprehensive affiliate marketing analysis, they could clearly see where strengths and weaknesses lie and which potentials are waiting to be exploited. Hard facts instead of gut feeling. Considered action instead of blind actionism.

Often the affiliate marketing analysis does not follow at the beginning of the project, but when problems have already arisen. Because at the latest when the existing affiliate program does not achieve the desired results, the causes of the poor performance must be found. These can lie in very different areas - for example in a faulty tracking code, in an unattractive commission, in communication difficulties with the publishers, in an ineffective landing page or unattractive advertising material.

We clearly recommend having an affiliate marketing analysis made in advance with all the opportunities and risks. Of course, we will also support you with a well-founded affiliate marketing analysis if you are already doing affiliate marketing and would like to optimize this sales channel.

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Our affiliate marketing analysis in detail

  • Market analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Program analysis
  • Publisher analysis
  • Merchant analysis


Market analysis

What position should you occupy as a merchant in the market? Which segments offer good potential for marketing your products? We answer these and other questions with a market analysis, in particular whether affiliate marketing is even recommended for you. Because by no means every industry benefits from the marketing channel via an affiliate network.

  • The aim is the right selection of your products for affiliate marketing.


Competitive analysis

Your market positioning becomes much clearer with the help of a competition analysis. Where is the competition already well represented, where are there gaps in the market for you? We identify direct competitors, compare offers, evaluate remuneration models and work out the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors.

  • The aim is to define your positioning within the market / against the competition.


Program analysis

The affiliate market now offers a large number of partner programs, some of which specialize in a certain market area. We identify suitable partner programs for you and analyze existing ones for errors, for example if your affiliate marketing is not running successfully.

  • The aim is to select suitable partner programs with the best chances of success for your company.


Publisher analysis

The probability that a website visitor carries out a conversion via your affiliate partner increases with the thematic relevance of the affiliate website. The better your offer fits into the publisher's editorial environment, the higher the user acceptance. With a publisher analysis, we identify suitable affiliates (e.g. content, comparison or voucher publishers) and analyze their websites for reach, community, credibility, professionalism and much more.

  • The aim is a good mix of different publishers whose editorial environment promotes the marketing of your products as best as possible.


Merchant analysis

Now you are being scrutinized: Landing pages, advertising material and tracking are important aspects for the success of an affiliate marketing program - and for its failure. Your publisher can only advertise you as successfully as you offer him attractive advertising material and a functioning, conversion-strong landing page. If the tracking does not work, the affiliate cannot be properly remunerated. Last but not least, commission and budget play an important role in the success of affiliate marketing. If the commission is too low, it is difficult to find professional and suitable publishers. If it is too high, you will not get enough for your budget.

  • The main aim of this analysis is to present you in such an optimal way that a high conversion rate is achieved with affiliate marketing.


Since the affiliate marketing analysis not only shows the causes of problems or poor performance, but also important potentials and risks within the market, a regular check of competition, partner programs and publishers makes sense. The affiliate marketing analysis provides valuable results for assessing a partner program, whether the investment is still worthwhile or whether optimization is necessary.

Our services in the field

Affiliate Marketing Analysis

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Successful affiliate marketing needs more than a thorough analysis

Start the affiliate program, put your feet up, lean back and earn a lot of money quickly: Many (ignorant) advertisers hope for an easy deal with the affiliates that involves as little effort as possible. Unfortunately, that's not how it works. Many advertisers underestimate and neglect communication with publishers in particular. In the end, it is the publishers who are decisive for the conversion.


Successful affiliate marketing needs these things:

  • Communication with publishers: Do you want a well-functioning partner program? Then get in direct contact with your partners and ensure a good exchange and collaborative collaboration with transparent communication. Provide sufficient information about your offers, answer questions and respond to problems publishers have with your advertising material or other things. Surely that means a lot of effort that you have to put into affiliate marketing. If you don't have the resources to do this, hire an agency to manage your affiliate partners.
  • Transparent information: The more publishers know about your company's best practices, the better you can target content and advertisements to them. Often it is publishers who successfully present the offer with clever ideas. Anyone who understands affiliate marketing as part of the overall online marketing concept will also actively and transparently inform their publishers about future promotions, discounts or new products so that they can adjust accordingly. Because: Unlike SEA campaigns, campaigns by affiliates cannot be adapted at short notice.
  • Good planning: Publishers go into an affiliate program with a certain amount of up-front effort, although they are never certain of a commission. If a campaign is stopped or changed at short notice, special promotions are not communicated early enough or not at all, it is incredibly annoying - and a loss for both sides. With good preparation and the analysis of all opportunities and risks, affiliate campaigns can be reliably planned. This also applies to changes to the website or the landing page that can lead to tracking errors. Plan adequately, communicate early.
  • Fair remuneration: So that a publisher invests time in the promotion of your products - and not only integrates advertising material into the website for this, but can also be expensive Content produces and develops his own ideas - if the business is worthwhile for him. This not only means that the commission should be reasonable, but also that transactions should be confirmed quickly and the remuneration processed. Affiliates are partners and should be treated as such if you want to benefit from this cooperation in the long term.

We would be happy to advise you in detail on the possibilities of affiliate marketing or take on the management and support of the publishers for you, develop campaigns and implement them in a selected affiliate network.


Affiliate Marketing Analysis: What We Do For You!

  • We overlook that Whole: The affiliate marketing analysis reveals the different opportunities and weaknesses on the basis of which you can make all decisions for your affiliate marketing. Since this does not work in isolation, but is an essential part of online marketing, it is important to keep an eye on the entire strategy for your online business. We are an agency that focuses on sustainable concepts and offers its customers services that contribute to digital success in the long term. We would be happy to advise you on other options for digitally marketing your products - for example with product feeds, Facebook ads or social media marketing.
  • We deliver real know-how: If resources - no matter what kind - are missing to implement affiliate marketing successfully, you should rely on professional support. In fact, we are digital xp3rts from the very beginning and have been active in online marketing for over 18 years - and in 2000 it looked completely different. We know the subtleties and modes of operation on the Internet very well and have valuable know-how that will allow your digital business to grow overall. With our experience and expertise, we systematically carry out affiliate marketing analyzes and provide specific recommendations for action. We offer you the bundled knowledge from 18 years of online marketing, the finest technical understanding and the acumen of a diverse team.
  • We use budgets efficiently: It takes experience and expertise to implement marketing concepts and measures quickly and successfully - and thus to use the budget efficiently. If you do not have the technical resources or even the time to familiarize employees with the specialist topic, an expert will cost you less than a self-experiment, in which you burn money faster than you earn it. We offer you the technical support to use your budget for affiliate marketing correctly - also with regard to the correct remuneration of the affiliates and the right mix of different partners.



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