What are the lightest wheelchairs

 What you should know about wheelchairs


Around one million people are currently in wheelchairs. In half of all cases, seniors receive this recognized aid on prescription - due to age-related illnesses. Choosing the right model is crucial, because as a senior citizen or person with a handicap you naturally have special needs. Only a suitable wheelchair improves integration and rehabilitation opportunities and relieves care workers and relatives.

Flexible for traveling: Foldable wheelchairs

How comfortable do you sit and drive? Do you need adjustable armrests and footrests? How much effort does it take and how manoeuvrable does your wheelchair have to be when things get tight? How easy is it to tip the wheelchair, load it into the car or fold it up small? Your wheelchair will only fit like a tailor-made suit if you answer questions like these positively before you buy. Bad posture doesn't even creep in. Our branded wheelchairs cut a good figure indoors and outdoors. For example our foldable ones: Discover numerous lightweight wheelchairs with adjustable fabric covers. Extra slim, these aluminum transport wheelchairs are predestined for transfers both indoors and outdoors. On road? Folded in a few simple steps, travel wheelchairs disappear into the trunk in a flash. Slipping through narrow doors of offices or restaurants, going to the doctor or going shopping? Even a light travel wheelchair can handle loads of over 100 kg. The wheelchair for on the go Travel wheelchair The travel wheelchair is a good way to be on the go, especially for people who love to travel. The special construction makes the travel wheelchair an agile and comfortable companion when traveling. The user practically does not have to forego any of the advantages of a classic wheelchair. Only the light construction and the possibility of folding make the travel wheelchair a practical companion for on the go.

Fits like a glove: Your new wheelchair, what can it do?

Also foldable, but highly resilient: Robust steel frame wheelchairs that Handicap-Shop.eu presents to you in a range of seat widths, with many extras, from drum brakes for the companion to solid rubber tires to adjustable armrests. Heavy-weight wheelchairs with generous seat widths and reinforced with double cross braces offer a lot of freedom of movement thanks to swiveling side parts and leg supports. You are tall? Simply adjust the seat height, width and lower leg length to your stately size.

Wheelchair measuring correctly = sitting correctly

Incorrect sitting under one-sided stress causes health problems. A comfortable wheelchair offers adjustment options to change the posture as desired. How do I sit correctly and without getting tired? The ideal seat width provides support without constricting and makes it easy to sit down and stand up. If you have taken a seat on a flat surface (chair or bench), someone will measure the distance to the widest part of the pelvis for you and add about two centimeters on each side. Are you out and about a lot? Add an extra two centimeters for a slip-on bag or coat. Is your existing wheelchair a prime example of comfort? Simply measure the size of your seat and don't forget to take into account expected physical changes - such as weight gain - by adding (at least) two centimeters.

Measure the seat width on the wheelchair!

How narrow or how wide does a wheelchair have to be?

The seat width of the wheelchair is important for the individually fitting seat in the wheelchair. If the seat size is too narrow, the person concerned can hardly get into the wheelchair, feels constrained here and has problems getting up. If, on the other hand, the seat size is chosen too wide, the wheelchair user can hardly sit properly and cannot find a stable and secure hold.

In order to determine the optimal seat width, you can use simple aids. You measure the correct width of the seat when you determine the dimensions as follows:

Place the victim on a suitable flat surface, such as a bench or a chair.

  1. Measure the distance between the widest part of the pelvis.
  2. Add a hand's width to the measured basin size on the left and right, making approx. + 2 cm.
  3. If you use the wheelchair a lot outside, you may add an extra two centimeters for blankets, slip bags, coats and other additional clothing.

If a well-fitting wheelchair is already available, you can use its seat size as a guide and simply measure it. However, you also think about foreseeable physical changes. If you expect to gain weight, open up at least two centimeters. If, on the other hand, weight loss is to be expected, use the basic measurement without additional surcharge. In principle, the following applies: the more actively a wheelchair user moves in a wheelchair, the narrower the seat width can be.

The minimum seat size and the maximum seat size must be observed. The minimum seat size must be at least the seat width measured on the bench. For the maximum seat size, the measured seat width plus a maximum of four centimeters applies.

The overall width of the wheelchair, which clearly exceeds the width of the seat, must also be taken into account. To do this, read the manufacturer's information in the technical details. If possible, the entire width of the wheelchair should always be at least two centimeters less than the existing door width. If the doors are narrower than necessary, the doors may need to be converted. Here is another tip regarding narrow wheelchairs!

Looking for start-up help? A wheelchair with an electric drive supports the pushing movement - for a larger radius of action and a more intensive braking effect. A differentiated selection of powerful, affordable electric wheelchairs enables mobility even with reduced arm strength - indoors and outdoors.

All-round care: care wheelchairs 

Bathing or going to the toilet? Shower wheelchairs and toilet wheelchairs made of powder-coated aluminum with padded armrests accompany you safely through everyday (care) life, even in your own four walls. A storage wheelchair / care wheelchair or individually adapted multifunctional wheelchair supports the caregiver even more extensively, for example by tilting and lying functions - for all-round care appropriate to the disease, even outside the care bed. Take it with you in the car? This is also possible: Simply remove the rear wheels and fold the back.

Each use is different in intensity, each handicap is different. Make the most of what is possible in terms of maximum mobility: by choosing the right wheelchair and taking a test drive. Tip: If you are well informed, you will get off to a better start: At Handicap-Shop.eu you can download product catalogs for your research! And even after the purchase, we will not leave you alone - and will help you to optimize the upholstery, seat size or backrest if necessary. Because only detailed advice before and after the purchase can prevent incorrect care.

Wheelchairs are the well-known and comfortable mobility aids for people who can hardly or no longer walk on their own. Depending on the requirements or individual requirements, the wheelchairs differ in terms of their construction and equipment. The wheelchairs, which can be driven by hand with the large rear wheels, are suitable for people who are only impaired in their walking apparatus. If, for example, seniors or paralyzed people are impaired far beyond the walking apparatus, wheelchairs in the construction of hospital elevators are the right option.

The wheelchair should be selected according to the physical condition of each individual patient or senior citizen. In addition to the physical requirements, the intended use also plays a decisive role here. For the occasional use of wheelchairs in different areas, foldable wheelchairs or narrow wheelchairs are particularly suitable. Foldable wheelchairs are also inexpensive to transport in a car, as they do not take up too much space. Light wheelchairs also offer advantages in terms of use and transport. Light wheelchairs are suitable for light to normal weight people. For people who are overweight, however, the heavyweight wheelchair is urgently required. The construction of a heavyweight wheelchair is much more stable and therefore offers sufficient security of movement even if you are overweight.

For use in narrow apartments or with narrow doors, narrow wheelchairs are the best choice. Provided that they meet the physical requirements of the user, they offer sufficient freedom of movement even in apartments that are not wheelchair accessible and are therefore at least suitable for short-term use.

individual wheelchairs

Whenever a wheelchair is required, it should be selected individually. Whether designed as foldable wheelchairs, light wheelchairs, narrow wheelchairs or as heavyweight wheelchairs, the wheelchairs always offer an important and, above all, individual means of transport for people with disabilities of various types and degrees of severity. In most cases, narrow wheelchairs, light wheelchairs, and foldable wheelchairs are good alternatives to bulky wheelchairs. However, one must always pay attention to how the users themselves and their companions or caregivers get along with the handling of the wheelchairs. The heavyweight wheelchair is indispensable when people who are overweight have to be moved.

Particularly versatile: Modern electric wheelchairs in many wheel sizes and attractive paintwork from red to silver. Equipped with rear-wheel drive, they are in top form both indoors and outdoors and at speeds of up to 6 km / h. A high-performance, maintenance-free battery has good stamina and a range of up to 25 km with loads of up to 140 kg. Nevertheless, a manoeuvrable electric wheelchair with a compact overall width of 60 cm should convince. Seat width, seat depth and inclination are of course adjustable, the back can be adjusted and the control unit can also be swiveled away.

Wheelchair cushions that think for themselves

Wheelchair cushions distribute the pressure, reduce shear forces, transport moisture and heat and enable a symmetrically stable sitting position. But only if they are adapted to body dimensions and needs: Thermoactive, robust anti-decubitus wheelchair cushions made of elastic visco health foam offer maximum pressure relief everywhere thanks to an enlarged contact surface. Breathable, washable air cell seat cushions, on the other hand, work via numerous air chambers filled with an air pump. Are you longing for a healthy ride-on climate? Pneumolastic pillows with a rib-like structure cover, tried and tested in the wound area, dissipate moisture via exposed channels, supported by a core made of foam, composite foam or latex.Find the right wheelchair accessories!

Anyone who struggles with incontinence knows how uncomfortable a wet pad can be. Incontinence pillows with a removable cover that are polyurethane-coated to protect against moisture are breathable and skin-friendly. Healthy warmth is also one of the feel-good factors: wheelchair cushions in many sizes with real fur cover provide pleasant warmth. Are you getting too warm? Simply remove the Velcro, because underneath there is a black cover with a zipper and a five centimeter thick foam core.

Thought of nursing staff: positioning aids

Where there is no body tension for a stable sitting position, comfortable positioning aids step in. Adjustable seat pants made of washable cotton jersey with belt prevent slipping forward, because they support partially mobile people in the pelvic area. Fixing positioning aids made of a soft polyester-nylon mix prevent slipping out of the wheelchair. Transfer to the car or from bed to wheelchair? Transfer aids such as corrosion-resistant plastic sliding boards look inconspicuous, but thanks to their 360-degree turntable make the effort-consuming transfer easier. Safely guided by a rail, they can be loaded up to 450 kg. Other aids such as stand-up slings help seniors stand up, but protect the caregiver's back - even when they are down. Looking for more wheelchair accessories? HMM medical supply store has it, from rain capes and slip-ons to wheelchair bags and heated clothing.

The decision
The right decision can only be made in cooperation with a medical device advisor, treating doctor, patients, relatives and nursing staff. Often the conditions in the living area must also be taken into account here. Foldable wheelchairs, narrow wheelchairs and light wheelchairs are usually particularly suitable for temporary use. A heavyweight wheelchair requires a conscientious decision, while the travel wheelchair in many cases means a greater degree of quality of life and mobility. If in doubt, it is also worth purchasing several wheelchairs. For example, whenever a narrow wheelchair makes sense in narrow living areas, but a special travel wheelchair is preferred for travel. In any case, you will receive the wheelchair for your needs from us. We always have light wheelchairs, foldable wheelchairs, narrow wheelchairs but also the travel wheelchair or the heavyweight wheelchair on offer.