Where does the butterscotch taste come from?

Butterscotch Cold Brew Coffee Liquer 0.5 liter 20% vol.

Butterscotch Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur with 0.5 liters and 20% vol.

The Butterscotch Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur is a fine and elegant liqueur with an intense aroma of roasted coffee with a nutty-chocolate note. The liqueur belongs to the high-quality liqueur trio Butterscotch, which is handcrafted by the Kaltenthaler distillery located near Worms. It is made from 100 percent natural raw materials without the addition of artificial flavors and is a real taste experience that you simply cannot resist. The versatile liqueur can be drunk neat and on ice and is a great partner for mixing drinks or refining desserts. The Butterscotch Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur is delivered in a 0.5 l bottle with 20% vol.

Where does the Butterscotch Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur get its unique coffee taste from?

The Butterscotch Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur delights fans of coffee liqueurs with its balanced aromas of finely roasted coffee paired with notes of cinnamon, mocha, cocoa, cardamom and orange zest. It owes its delicious taste to the careful selection of ingredients and the successful marriage of the popular butterscotch caramel liqueur with fine, cold-extracted coffee from high-quality, roasted coffee beans. The gentle extraction of the coffee aromas in the cold brew process gives the liqueur its particularly intense coffee note without a bitter aftertaste.

Where does the Butterscotch Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur come from?

The Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur belongs to the three-part butterscotch liqueur family of the Kaltenthaler distillery, in which the two varieties Original Caramel Liqueur and Irish Whiskey Liqueur are also available. The family-run distillery is based in Westhofen near Worms in Rhineland-Palatinate and was founded in 1991 by Georg Kaltenthaler. Today it is run by the founder's grandson, the Brenner Felix Kaltenthaler, in the third generation. The distillery is not only known for its sweet liqueur temptations, but also for its delicate fruit brandies and spicy gins as well as its Revolte brand rums. She attaches great importance to traditional craftsmanship, but also relies on innovative ideas, which create successful and extraordinary spirits. The distillery has received the State Prize of Honor from the Rhineland-Palatinate Chamber of Agriculture several times for its high quality spirits.

Information on the food regulation:
Items: liqueur
Net filling quantity: 0.5l
Alcohol content: 20%
Food manufacturer / importer: the butter club, An der Brennerei 14, 67593 Westhofen, Germany
Country of origin: Germany

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