Why is Black Hole picture so beautiful

Black Hole: Documentary "Black Hole Hunters" shows the history of the photo

It is a bang that shakes the world of science: As the US National Science Foundation on Wednesday in Washington D.C. and at the same time announced in five other cities, a photographic proof of a black hole and its surroundings succeeded for the first time in history. This breakthrough is thanks to a team of around 200 scientists from around the world who have been working on it for several years. The groundbreaking recording was made possible by the amalgamation of eight radio telescopes on four continents, the Event Horizon Telescope. The documentary "Black Hole Hunters" (Friday, April 26th, 10:05 pm, at WELT) now gives an insight into the impressive work of the researchers. With exclusive access to the scientists, the film makes it possible to understand the challenges of the project and to classify the importance of this immense progress for science.

Albert Einstein already wrote treatises on the existence of black holes as part of his general theory of relativity. Decades later, scientific evidence was also provided and presented in simulations. However, to date it has not been possible to depict the puzzling phenomenon. The slightly blurred image shows the black hole in the center of the Messier 87 galaxy, which is 55 million years away from Earth.

Source: teleschau - the media service