Yogis have emotions

Overwhelmed by emotions while practicing yoga ?!

Have you ever had tears in your eyes during Savasana, the deep relaxation? Or do you remember a fit of laughing after doing a handstand? After a yoga class full of back bends, you can uproot trees and after an hour that focuses on prevention, you fall into a deep and comfortable sleep.

Those who experience this for the first time in yoga are often surprised or even unsettled when strong emotions arise during a yoga exercise or after a yoga class. Especially if you came to yoga purely for physical activity.

What is happening to you is not alarming, but the gift of yoga.

Why can this even happen?

In today's society, feelings are often suppressed because we always have to function and are not allowed to show weaknesses in order to be recognized. But even if you suppress your feelings, it does not mean that they are completely gone, but that they boil beneath the surface like a volcano and wait for their time to break out.

During one Yoga exercise is this an ideal time. You try to forget everything around you, you perceive your body, you breathe very deeply and consciously and your senses draw inward and become more sensitive. Through the movement, the stretching in yoga and the interplay of tension and relaxation, your hard shell breaks open. Blockages are released and the prana, the life energy comes back to flow. That's how she wears Yoga practice helps to free emotions stuck in the body, which our minds may have long since forgotten.

Pleasant emotions are usually not the problem either. Who doesn't love a gentle tingling sensation in the abdominal area? But we'd love to run away from unpleasant feelings. But instead of fearing them, take them as a gift that shows you that you are on the right path to get to know yourself better. You become your own guru. Even if the meaning of the emotion or knowledge itself comes much later.

If you picture this, then our mind behaves like a hamster with negative emotions. We eat them into us and hold on to the past and worry about the future. The pure body behaves in exactly the opposite way. When you have eaten something that has gone bad, your body does not hold back from laboriously digesting and poisoning itself. On the contrary, he does everything to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Mostly over the same channel as it came into it. 😉 I call that short and painless.

Even if you do not have any extreme feelings during the yoga it doesn't mean that you are doing something wrong or that something is wrong with you. Perhaps the time is simply not yet ripe, or you are not dealing with your emotions like a “hamster”.

If you want to share your most beautiful or most unpleasant emotion with others, then I look forward to your comment.

Your Diana

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