What are some basic HTML code commands

HTML commands overview

<b> … </b>Font is shown in bold
(English b = bold = fat) <strong> … </strong>important area, font is shown in bold
(engl. strong = strong, convincing) <i> … </i>Font is shown in italics
(English i = italic = italic, oblique) <em> … </em>highlighted area, font is shown in italics
(em = emphasis = emphasized, emphasis) <sup> … </sup>superscript font, e.g. footnote2
(English sup = superscript, superscript in German) <sub> … </sub>subscript, e.g. H.2O
(Engl. sub = subscript, to German subscript) <del> … </del>Strikethrough text, i.e. content no longer applies
(Engl. del = deleted = deleted) <ins> … </ins>new content in the text (good for highlighting changes)
(engl. ins = inserted = newly inserted) <small> … </small>for the "small print" in the text
(English small = small)