How much do storm shelters cost

Ways to build a tornado protection

If you live in an area at high risk for tornadoes, you should be prepared for anything to do with building a tornado shelter near your home. It's a good investment for the safety and protection of the people you love. Instruct everyone how to act in the event of a warning tornado.

The gathering can also be used for hurricanes.
  1. Place them in a safe area, with no trees that can collapse and split the concrete or other structures that can fall and destroy the protection. Don't forget built to close your home for easy access.
  2. Find a specific company specializing in building storm shelters to FEMA standards. You could do it yourself, but the safer thing is to hire someone with experience is your life we ​​are talking about. You can still save some money by digging it yourself. So the cost of assembly can be anywhere around $ 3,000.
  3. Most common shelters are built at 4½ feet below ground with 2 feet above the ground. Use the dirt taken from the shelter to make an interesting mound around. This can also be used in high water.
  4. Make sure that the company you hired steel uses reinforced concrete, heavy doors with a way of propelling it open if something is blocking the opening. Also has a ventilation system to be installed and stairs at the entrance.
  5. When the season for tornadoes strikes, stock the shelter with supplies and emergency kits. Decide what will be of use to you and your family. Better if you can buy canned food with can openers, plastic cutlery, bottled water, dried fruits, flashlights, bandages, blankets, pain relievers, a small radio.
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