How do auditions work for speech output

Have texts read aloud - this is how it works with Android and iOS

Your eyes are tired from the display, but you want to finish reading an eBook or PDF? No problem, we'll show you how to have texts read out on your Android phone and iPhone.

With the iPhone, you simply use the on-board resources. There are free text-to-speech apps for Android that do this.

Read PDF and more on Android

If you have an Android device, for example a Samsung Galaxy S10, install the app @Voice Aloud Reader. This opens a PDF file, an HTML document and other text files. After opening the app, tap on the folder symbol to call up a saved text document for reading aloud on the mobile phone.

Another text-to-speech app for Android is App Talk - text to speech. After the installation, proceed as follows:

  1. When starting for the first time, you may have to download the “TTS engine” (“Text to Speech”) from Google. So tap on the option Install missing dataif the instruction appears on the screen.
  2. Select which app should be used to perform the process, for example Google screen reader.
  3. Now tap on the in the app screen plus.
  4. Paste in the text to read aloud. You can copy this beforehand, for example, from a website or from a PDF file.
  5. Press the play button so that the content can be heard through the speakers through voice output.
  6. You can use the settings to change the volume, pitch and reading speed.

Siri reads you texts on the iPhone

On the iPhone, you don't need an additional app to read texts out onto the screen. In order to use the function, however, you have to make a presetting:

  1. Open the Settings app on your phone.
  2. Control the section Generally at.
  3. Choose here the Accessibility out.
  4. Here you switch to the menu Spoken content.
  5. Press Select speaking You will also find other options for text-to-speech output on the iPhone.
  6. Now open an app with a written text.
  7. Tap the text and highlight the content you want.
  8. A new menu will appear. Here you tap Speak to have Siri read out the text over the iPhone speakers.
  9. Alternatively, you give Siri the voice command speak screen content.