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Accounting automation

Companies are required to keep accounts and prepare detailed financial reports. Hoteliers typically spend around € 20 per room per month to have their accountant manually enter data into accounting systems like Datev. Now is the time to start saving on accounting costs!


How can you save costs in accounting?
RoomRaccoon can be linked to various accounting systems, such as Datev. With this link, your sales will be transferred directly to your accounting. Your accountant no longer has to do this manually! This saves time for the accountant and bookkeeping costs for the hotelier.


How does the link work?
Every night all invoices are sent from your PMS to your accounting department. All components (accommodation, surcharges, taxes, etc.) are split up and linked to the correct general ledger account. RoomRaccoon takes care of the entire setup (inventory of all relevant general ledger accounts, mapping & activation link) and of course monitors the link.


Which accounting packages are linked to?
We work with Datev in the German-speaking market.


Don't you guys work with Datev?
No problem! RoomRaccoon offers financial reports per general ledger account, which you can download monthly and upload directly to your accounting.


With these reports you have a comprehensive overview of the finances of your accommodation. For example, you can see at a glance what turnover you achieved from your accommodation and what turnover you achieved from your additional services. With the help of this report, you no longer need to look up anything in a separate Excel file!


Good to know:
The link with Datev is based on your invoices and not on the cash register. Our staff will be happy to tell you how high the monthly costs are for using this link.


Do you want to save immediately?
Then contact us via chat to create the link together!