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16 unique promotional items for your country rock band

It's no secret that promotional items play a central role in the music industry. Not only has it been a constant source for musicians to generate revenue for decades, but most importantly, band merchandising has proven to be a valuable investment in building their brand.

Given that country music fans are one of the largest and arguably one of the most loyal groups, it's no surprise that rabid fans go crazy for the merch of their favorite country bands. For example, Billboard once estimated that a powerhouse like Taylor Swift makes $ 17 per capita in merch sales per concert.

Offering unique promotional items that reflect the ethos of your music and the story behind your music gives your fans the opportunity to connect with you on a more personal, emotional level. We've put together a list of ideas to help you get your bikes on goods so you and your country rock band can sell online or at your next concert. Each piece can be customized to represent your band.

1. Vintage Distressed Custom Hat

2. Die-cast belt buckle

3. Custom Shotgun Shell Necklace

4. Custom multi-charm necklace with bullet charm

5. Custom shotgun shell bracelet

6. Custom cigarette case // credit card wallet

7. Bandana

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8. Campfire mug

9. Custom lapel pin set

10. 1 'button pin

11. Custom Die-Cast Keychain // Bottle Opener

12. Riveted leather keychain

13. Boot shot

14. Shot glass

15. Stainless steel piston

16. Koozie

Investing in unique promotional products is a driving source of promoting your music, building your following, and increasing your sales. Work with us to reinforce your band's ethos with high quality custom designs.