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Wrinkles and uneven skin are caused by the natural aging process and are favored by environmental influences such as UV radiation. It is not uncommon for patients to have the impression that these so-called signs of the times make them look older and even exhausted and tired. A smooth, youthful complexion without extensive surgical intervention such as a facelift enables this Dermabrasion treatment in Frankfurt. The abrasion of the skin activates the regeneration of skin cells and collagen, which leads to rejuvenation and a vital expression.

Information about dermabrasion treatment at a glance

  • Duration of the procedure:

  • Anesthesia:

    Local anesthesia with twilight sleep

  • After the procedure:

    protective crust or silicone film, regular follow-up examinations, special cream, sunscreen

  • Bottom line:

    visible after 3 to 12 months

Reasons for dermabrasion

Regaining smooth, tender and youthful skin is an understandable desire. Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Frankfurt offers alternative treatment options for patients who feel uncomfortable at the thought of major wrinkle treatment. In addition to wrinkle injection with autologous fat, hyaluronic acid, Radiesse or botulinum toxin and chemical peeling, dermabrasion can also produce the desired effect. Dermabrasion (abrasion of the skin) can not only help patients with wrinkles in areas such as the eye or mouth area, but also with the correction of scars (e.g. acne scars or after accidents and operations) and the treatment of warts or sun and age spots be applied.

Before dermabrasion

In a personal consultation with the specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery, the patient expresses his motivation for the treatment and his ideas about the final result. On the basis of this information, the aesthetic plastic surgeon clarifies the corresponding medical options, but does not ignore the limits and risks. In addition to dermabrasion in Frankfurt, the Praxisklinik Kaiserplatz offers other methods for skin rejuvenation and wrinkle treatment. Depending on the individual findings, these alternatives are also addressed and explained in detail. Once the right procedure has been found, the patient is given time to consider everything in peace. In preparation for the treatment, nicotine and alcohol should be avoided at least one week in advance. The intake of certain medications, vitamins or hormones could also influence the dermabrasion in Frankfurt and its results and should therefore be discussed with the specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery beforehand. In the case of previous herpes infection, prophylaxis with a virostat is started immediately before the dermabrasion.

Consultation appointment for dermabrasion treatment in Frankfurt:

Of course, our website is for guidance only and cannot replace individual consultation with your specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery. Prof. Dr. von Heimburg answers your questions and discusses the topic Abrasion of the skin with you in detail. Simply arrange one Consultation appointment.

After the dermabrasion in Frankfurt

The exposed skin must be very well protected after dermabrasion until the new layers of skin form. In the case of small areas, a crust that covers the treated areas helps. A silicone film is used for appropriate protection in larger areas. After about seven to nine days, the new skin is formed and both the crust and the foil are shed. During this time, regular follow-up examinations take place in the practice clinic so that neither fluid accumulations nor infections occur. After healing, the application of sun protection and a special cream that supports the elastic properties of the skin is recommended. Experience has shown that redness subside automatically in the first three months after dermabrasion in Frankfurt. Most patients are able to work and socialize again about two weeks after treatment. It can take a few months to a year for the skin to regain its full pigmentation, for it to be exposed to solar radiation again without any problems and for the final result of the dermabrasion to be seen.

Possible complications of dermabrasion

Patients with a dark skin type tend to have color shifts, which can be seen especially in the peripheral areas of the treated areas. In this case, dermabrasion in the facial area is usually not recommended during the consultation. Skin abrasion should also be avoided if there is a tendency towards rapid or excessive scarring. After dermabrasion in Frankfurt, there is seldom over- or underpigmentation. Taking hormones or diazepam (Valium) can trigger such a pigment shift. Therefore, these products should not be taken for at least three months before and after the dermabrasion. In a personal consultation, patients receive detailed information on this.