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At the moment it is unfortunately not possible for us to go to the restaurants we trust. But hey ... no problem with our delivery service.
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Sushi has developed into a fast food at a high level in the western world.
Of course, this trend has not gone unnoticed by anyone from Potsdam.
Put together the right sushi menu for you from the various variants.
If you are not yet a sushi fan or if you cannot make up your mind, just check out our sushi restaurants and their articles available on PotsdamLieter.
No matter whether Maki, Nigiri or Temaki, you will surely find something suitable for you and your loved ones. If not, we invite you to discover something new culinary and broaden your taste horizon.

You don't know about sushi?

To get a better overview, sushi is divided into different categories.
We know the makis as the best known and most popular variety.
The classic small rolls consist of nori leaves filled with rice and various types of fish such as salmon, tuna or shrimp.
Vegetables, Japanese eggs or other, sometimes unusual, ingredients also find their way into our delicious Makis. Of course, this is only a small part of the variety of sushi offered by our restaurants.
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Your preferred sushi restaurant doesn't deliver yet?
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