What is faster snowboarding or skiing

the difference is similar to that between roller skating and skateboarding.
definitely no !
Snowboarding does not correspond to our natural forward movement. It needs to be trained as specifically. On the other hand, you can stand on your skis and "slide down" a small hill without any problems. It also has to do with the sense of balance. No tightrope acrobat would move sideways on the rope. That must have a reason?

As a professional who does a large number of sports, I can add: Try doing a side flip on the trampoline. Forward and backward a breeze. Somersault forward or backward as well. But sideways? Only possible with 100 repetitions.
Definitely yes. I can do both and it was much easier to learn to snowboard. The synchronization problem with the skis is eliminated.
to babbel: This is humbug. If that were the way you write, why hardly or no adults learn to board? n / A?? Because it's definitely more difficult. Water skiing is also learned faster than windsurfing. Don't tell me anything about the lama, we have enough of them ;-)

As a trainer of these sports, both skiing, snowboarding and water sports, I can write you a book about it.
Are you a ski and snowboard instructor? It would be new to me now that Venezuela has good ski areas. But you're probably just kidding us anyway.
@ HeinzBabbel: Since there are 5000m high mountains in Venez, there is no need to ask about the snow. And just because you can't imagine something, it can still exist, right? Anyway, I found a nice picture when searching google for snow in Venez.
@babbel: The fact that I now live in Vene doesn't mean that I don't know DE. I lived there for 50 years.
I grew up in Bavaria, among other things did my ski instructor in Austria. Don't need to fool anyone.
@ Bra. roth: that's right. there is snow on the Pico Bolivar. Only: there are no ski slopes there.
The comparison of snowboarding with a sideways somersault is already quite adventurous and also nonsensical in my opinion. The two simply have nothing to do with each other.

Personally, I found it a lot easier to learn to snowboard than to learn to ski.