What are some examples of open sentences

Questioning techniquesThe right questions in the sales pitch

Once the customer has made the relevant partial decisions, you can save the deal. You should also initiate this phase of the conversation with a question. But now it is no longer a question of whether the customer buys, but rather the modalities of the purchase.

Therefore, in the final phase, do not ask any more questions that again create uncertainty in the customer. This is the case, for example, with all questions formulated in the subjunctive. Example: “Would that correspond to your ideas?” Or: “Would you be satisfied with this car?” Questions like this cause customers to reconsider their partial decisions.

Rather, in the final phase, tacitly assume the customer's yes to the purchase and ask, for example: "By when should the discussed changes to the car equipment be made?"

In this phase of the discussion, salespeople often ask alternative questions that require the customer to make a purchase decision. For example: "Should I state gray or green as the color in the sales contract for the vehicle?" Or: "Would you like to pay in cash or use our favorable financing offer?"

This is how aggressively you can act once the customer has made all the relevant partial decisions. Because he too would like to finish at this point. It is therefore important that you master the questions for the sales pitch. Not only does this increase the likelihood of a deal, it also saves time. Time that you can spend on getting more deals, for example.