What are the best cardboard VR apps

The best VR apps for Google Cardboard

Whether you are into shock effects, want to push the limits of the universe, love rock concerts in the rain or want to hear informative stories - virtual realities and corresponding devices are on the rise. Many new 3D headsets were presented at CES, the real purpose of which will probably only be recognized in the near future.

With Cardboard, Google offers a VR device for DIY enthusiasts to build themselves. There are already some applications that show the potential. Be it games, exploration tours or "almost" vacations. Let yourself be surprised...

  1. Google Cardboard VR Apps
    Cardboard is Google's gateway to virtual reality. Attach your Android smartphone to a cardboard box with a few lenses and immerse yourself in three-dimensional worlds. It is easy to use and costs little. There are also plenty of Cardboard apps to download - most of them free.
  2. Cardboard
    The Cardboard starter app serves as the starting point for the virtual reality experience - Cardboard consolidates all compatible apps that you have already downloaded and gives you a first 360-degree view within the menu. The Google Earth demo in particular is nice, if not very high-resolution. You can fly through roughly rendered cities with flickering textures - almost a comatose experience. "Tour Guide", on the other hand, takes you to Versailles and explains the palace and its cultural artefacts in a panoramic view.
  3. Cardboard Camera
    Google's own Cardboard Camera is an anomaly on this list: While most Cardboard apps let you travel in pre-built 3D worlds, you can create your own reality here. With the smartphone camera, you can take panoramic shots, which you can then transform into 3D experiences. Together with the right atmosphere sounds, recordings are ready for a holiday - be it the weekend dacha in the countryside, the rock concert or the wedding day, here you can relive everything over and over again as if it was just happening.
  4. VRSE
    Among the VR apps that are designed for presentation purposes only, VRSE is one of the best. The main attraction of this app is Verse, a short film full of surreal symbolism: First a train chugs through a lake until it plows you in the middle of your face and turns into thousands of winged creatures that dissolve in confetti. A strange scene that lasts a few minutes, but justifies more frequent viewing.
  5. Proton Pulse
    This app gives the classic game Breakout a 3D impact - you basically clear the playing field from below. And by moving your head. A completely new gaming experience.
  6. Starwars
    The success of the current Star Wars film does not leave the Cardboard app landscape indifferent either. With the Star Wars app you can give yourself a little Jakku feeling, visit the Millennium Falcon in 360 degree mode and take a closer look at the Droid BB-8. Most of them are only short clips, but that is also a pleasure for all fans.
  7. Youtube
    Almost every Android phone owner has YouTube installed - and with it Cardboard support too. Google recently expanded Youtube to include cardboard functions for 360-degree videos. You can watch these videos, look freely in all directions and explore individual objects in three dimensions. Of course, there are only a few videos that fully support 360 degrees - but the list is getting longer. Anything that is not compatible can still be viewed using a "digital wall" in the headset.
  8. NYT VR
    The "New York Times" expects a true virtual reality future, has already made more than a million Cardboard users digital subscribers and has also launched its own VR app. NYT VR tells the kind of admirable, often serious, stories the newspaper is known for. Most of the time, protagonists tell their own stories and they move around in their surroundings. For example, find out about the Paris terror of November 2015 from tourists who talk about their visit to the French capital. Or you accompany three refugee children, embedded in a feature about the global refugee crisis.
  9. Caaaaardboard
    Please do not confuse this with the Cardboard app. Caaaaardboard is the VR version of "AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA !!!" , one easy just a poorly titled indie game about free fall by scoring goals while buildings have to be sprayed on the way down. In 3D this can be quite fun if you dodge buildings or collect extra bonuses. In addition, the balance must be maintained.
  10. Titans of Space
    Thanks to virtual reality, we can experience things that would otherwise never be possible. How about a trip to the edge of our solar system, for example? Titans of Space offers a “real life” planetarium - a guided tour of planets and moons. On the one hand, this is worth seeing, but it also educates people. However, if you want to experience the whole thing as a listening experience and have a narrator, you have to spend some money on the app, which is free in itself.
  11. Google Street View
    With Street View, Google Maps maps can be viewed in a photo-realistic manner. Google has pimped the whole thing with its own 3D Android app and is now offering its users themed tours with 360-degree panoramic shots via Cardboard. The sights presented are spectacular - be it the Yosemite National Park in California or the Miniature Wonderland Railway in Hamburg. You can take your own photos within the tours and admire the creations of other users.
  12. Jack White: THIRD-D
    Music lovers can experience concerts here as if they were live. Whether Jack White or Paul McCartney - the free THIRD-D offers a showcase with three tracks, recorded in two different locations that want to be explored. Jack White is playing "Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground" in the open air in the Red Rocks Amphitheater near Denver while a storm is approaching - lightning in the background and a rain-soaked singer create an atmosphere. The other songs come from performances in Fenway Park in Boston, which also offers a majestic backdrop.
  13. Vanguard V
    Another virtual reality game that will be fun for many minutes. Since it is still under development, it does not get beyond the demo status yet. The space shooter, which is reminiscent of Star Fox, was created by the "Proton Pulse" developers and requires good head coordination. Visually, Vanguard V is completely convincing - flowing movements and aha effects non-stop. Even if it doesn't offer a lot of gameplay, the principle of staring at enemies in order to attack them is a lot of fun. Just like waiting for the full version.
  14. Tilt Brush Gallery
    This 3D picture app is intended to promote the PC-based high-end VR headset HTC Vive, which was unveiled at the CES. Tilt Brush Gallery was specially developed for the Vive and also makes a very good impression as a cardboard app - it brings 3D paintings to life. So far there are only a few demo images - for the release of the HTC Vive, probably in April, it could well be that there are some online galleries to discover.
  15. Sisters
    As a fan of horror films with plenty of shock moments, you should definitely watch "Sisters". That brief 3D experience in a room during a thunderstorm can be scary. Do you see the two dolls in front of you? Why is one of them now gone and the door open? Where is the other one now. And what happens now? Have you already got a shock? "Sisters" wants it, give it a try.
  16. War of Words VR
    Most of the Cardboard apps are more or less short demos that only show parts of the future VR potential. So is "War of Words VR", a scene that doesn't even last a minute. This app stages Siegfried Sassoon's poem "The Kiss", which was written during the First World War. However, this makes you so convincing with soldier silhouettes, a rifle and flying pistol bullets that we can be curious to see what will come in the future.